Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pat Robertson is at it again.

Well, Pat Robertson is at it again. Previously he wanted to murder Venezuelan President Chavez, a man who is providing low-income Massachusetts residents with oil at 40 percent below the market price – while Bush-Cheney oil associates seek ways to continue to reap, and protect record profits.

Oh, speaking of killing – seems The Mirror published an official document showing Bush wanted to bomb Arabic television station Al Jazeera. As they were informed doing so violated the Britain’s Official Secretes Act, we have confirmation that Bush’s idea of press freedom is to “kill’em”.

Anyway, the Christian Coalition founder has cursed Dover, Pa – declaring you "voted God out of your city", and warning them not to pray when evil befalls their town. All because they voted for science and against “Intelligent Design” – which Pat indelibly declared to be religious; not science.

In Robertson we have an advocate of murder, genetic discrimination, and ignorance – who shows a general disregard for scriptural teachings. Had he been a devotee of Talmudic style he would have followed his curse with the word “keynehore” – thus avoiding “what goes around comes around.”

Any Yid knows such invocations are covered by the Golden Rule: “That wished for someone else, is acceptable for yourself.” To keep bad things aimed properly, you invoke “keynehore” meaning, roughly, “no demon shall share this fate with me for saying this.”

My mom held such payback was a “stupid-stition” and that “what goes around comes around” was only coincidence – but, to be safe, when appropriate, she too said “keynehore”. Read this column and you know coincidences.

In April you read that a thousand year old prediction by Malachy lead me to believe the new pope would “probably take the name Pope Benedict XVI.” Six days later, we saw Cardinal Ratzinger elected and promptly select the name Pope Benedict XVI. An interesting Coincidence.

In September you read Mike Heath declared the New Orleans devastation “God’s wrath” – and it was pointed out that “the major destruction over the past 16 months has been to RED districts and states”; not Blue, which generally received minor collateral damage. (Play by Robertson’s rules.)

With that column on the stands, equidistant between Calais and Eastport red voters were treated to a small earthquake. On Question 1, Calais voted Yes, Eastport No – in Aroostook County 60 percent Yes, Cumberland 65 percent No. “Stupid-stition” would require a more definitive quake location.

Hey, I’m just a scribe interpreting an ethnic heritage – bread cast on water stuff. No prophet; but I correctly expect a justice vote of 67 percent, and Question 7, which I specified as a justice thing, did get a 67 percent yes vote. Sadly, Washington County voted (55 percent) for injustice on Question 1.

Just a Stupid-stition, I’ll not tempt the fates, but “Pat and his buddies should live in God’s care 120 years – With no insurance.” Keynehore. No reason to give poltergeist a reason to enjoy a good joke at my expense. But I do wonder where windows will rattle and plaster crack or fall.

Next week: We’ll look at how Intelligent Design pattern recognition is implemented in Cambodia.

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