Monday, December 19, 2005

Why Yahweh? Why Jesus?

Why Yahweh? This deity thing has been growing in my mind; as I would assume you can tell from earlier writings.

Catholics argue “Original Sin” – as do members of several neo-Catholic denominations – and so we can say they proclaim allegiance to an inferior deity. How inferior? Well, you have a deity which is ignorant of the consequence of actions, and the actions of humans.

I covered this in my discussion of Adam & Eve. You have a deity which says “Don’t eat” and who also “doesn’t tell”; do not eat from “Knowledge”, do not tell about “Life” until after Knowledge has been digested. “Original Sin?” Or “Original Setup?” If you posit an all knowing deity, the only possible answer is “Original Setup”.

An all knowing, all powerful, etc., would know beforehand that Eve was both going to eat from “Knowledge”, and share that fruit with Adam; so it was a pure and simple setup to justify evicting them from the Garden, to establish the religious following, and propagate the development of our civilization.

Then we add into the mix the “sons of god” scenario that accompanies the flood story. Here we are told of a deity who has children – who are immortal – and informed they are genetically compatible with humans; they have children with mortal women and to ensure mortality, preventing them from inheriting immortality from their fathers, the deity limits their life span – his grandchildren’s life spans – to 120 years.

So we have a deity who limits the potential of his grandchildren; as opposed to granting them gifts to exploit their immortality. Does this deity have disobedient sons? Can the deity not control what is inherited – genetic transfer – from immortals? A deity that can kill, but is clearly no all powerful.

Then we have the Christian – catholic – view of this deity and “his only begotten son”. For starters, the deity has now done with a mortal what his sons had done during Noah’s lifetime; and he does it for the purpose of allowing this “son of man” and deity to die. Again we have to confront the “all knowing” aspect of this deity; you have a son being born with the certain knowledge that men will kill him.

We are told this deity can alter the hearts of men – was that not done with Pharaoh? Was not the heart of Pharaoh hardened after he initially granted Moses the right to take his people into the desert to worship? We have a deity who, for its own purposes, can change how men can think and feel – and this deity sends his own mortal child to die? A bit cold hearted – to say the least.

And to this we add the belief, or assertion, that Jesus and the deity are the same – a trinity of deity, son and spirit, all aspects of one and the same entity. We have the son separating himself from the father – except in John where the son claims to be one with the father and is accused of blasphemy; separate but the same entity? This deity is also schizophrenic – a split personality who talks of himself in the third person; even asking himself why he has forsaken himself? Weird religions.

Why Yahweh? Why Jesus? Why a deity who is ignorant of the future, disdainful of his own grandchildren, and a suicidal schizophrenic? And what of these other sons? Have they no mother? Is there no Mrs Deity who gave birth to them? And why are we genetically compatible but mortal?

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