Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Right-wing Christians seek America's demise

Now that the federal Court has declared "Intelligent Design" to be a cover name for "Creationism", and pure religion and constitutionally prohibited from being taught in a science class, we can take a look at that from yet another perspective.

Notable in the 139 page decision is the fact that the "Intelligent Design" proponents testified – under oath, and subject to the related "thou shall not bare false witness" bit – that the "Intelligent Designer" could be a space alien or time traveler, but had nothing to do with a religious doctrine.

OK; what we have here are more right-wing liars trying to dumb down American children.

The operative word and query: WHY?

Before we get to that, here’s a thought: these right-wing bigoted idiots (the Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Bill O’Reilly follower types) have held that it is possible the whole archaeological and geological record is fake – a plant by the deity to test our faith. If that is fake, why no all of life?

How about this. I don’t exist. Your partner, parents, children, the person you dated, the people in the supermarket and all the cars and drivers on the road – none of them exist. Only you – YEP ONLY YOU! – exist; and you are the deity; everything is a figment of your imagination while you are dreaming. You’re asleep right now, and the period of sleep that you do not recall – those are the periods when you are awake and living your "deity life". Everything is a dream – you’ve invented it all and keep changing it with every dream.

OK ... now prove that hypothesis wrong.

I’ll bet you can’t; because the only way to prove you’re not sleeping and dreaming all this is to wake up. You can’t even do magic, or miracles, that would alter everything; it would disrupt the logic of the dream and trigger a new one in which you become the devil, or messiah, or suddenly exist in a world where the "miracles" are commonplace.

Maybe you wake in the dream, call it a nightmare, and continue your dream; thus bypassing the hypothetical problem without the need of providing a real proof – while proving the point that you were in a dream.

Back to the "Why."

Why destroy the nation, and dumb down our kids? Both feed each other. Simple. Democracy and intelligence go against the whole premise of Christian scripture.

Christian scripture holds that there will be a universal king who rules by divine right – their version of the Messiah. The very notion of an absolute ruler, a king who rules by divine right, and the backing of force derived from divine power, refutes democracy; the two are mutually exclusive.

Who ever establishes this divinely supported power structure achieves absolute power over the affairs of men. Nobody can obtain such power in a world where individuals are educated and can think for themselves in a rational manner. Only Eastern religions prize "enlightenment".

The United States is the antithesis of western religious belief – it refutes the power of a divine lord.


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