Thursday, December 15, 2005

“War on Xmas”

Have you heard? Jerry Falwell and Bill O’Reilly claim there’s a “War on Xmas”. Hey, let’s do some Xmas speak: “Why Xmas?” What day does Xmas fall on this year? What day does Hanukkah fall on? And what’s the relationship; Duh ... is there one?

As with all things in nature, it’s a question of relativity (perspective). Right-wing anti-Christ voices demand the declaration of an observance which early (real) Judaic-Christian held to be improper.

A third-century document, called De Pascha Computus, based on a lost earlier work by Hippolytus, states Jesus born on Passover; ironically, mystically, making the last supper also his last b-day. As for the year? Affirmed Events: Herod (died 4 BC) and a Census of Quintilius Varus (governor 6 to 4 BCE). There is a 4 to 6 year error in our calendar, and a 3 to 4 month error in the birth date.

Jesus certainly, as a renowned Rabbi, had followers who knew his b-day and would have noted it if custom said to honor it. Our Xmas is a pagan Roman holiday first appearing on the Philocalian Calendar in 336; like its sponsor, Emperor Constantine (306-337), a pagan convert to Christianity.

As Origen (185-254) said, “It is only sinners who make great rejoicings over the day in which they were born into this world." Caesarean demigods had birthdays; scripture denounces such mimicry.

Clement of Alexandria (200CE) cited speculations as to the date Christ's birth; but only as a passing curiosity. So “Why Xmas?” It is about light – “the light of the world” pronouncement made on 25 Kislev, Chanukah (John 10:22), when Jesus declared “I and my father are one” (J.10:30); it is a sermon which separated the flock while affirming his voluntary death and rebirth (J.10:18).

The 25th of the month; our “December”; Jesus’ “Kislev”; Chanukah; not a Roman “Mass” – but the Coptic “mas” (origin), and the Greek “X” ( Χριστός or “Christos”) first honored on the thirteen month Coptic Egyptian Calendar on 29 "Kiahk"; 25 Kislev in the “birth year” 4 BC; our 6 January.

Originally the celebration of the Chanukah authority and pronouncement which sorted the flock; it is Orthodox 6 January, European 25 December, a commemoration date based on the YEAR in which Jesus was born and Herod died – 4 BC – not the actual birth date. “War on Xmas?” Bull!

Since 1966, on the day after Xmas, we now add Kwanzaa; which in Kiswahili, means "first fruits of the harvest"; a new tradition to honor self-respect and a sense of community.

Thus three holidays: Feast of Light, recalling eviction of pagans from the Temple; of light separated from dark fulfilling a prophesy of failure with a message of hope; and a new tradition to honor self-respect. A Happy Holiday is right! Be it Xmas, “Cristes Maesse”, Christmas, or Chanukah; in a season of darkness, a remembrance of light leading to the promise of a bright future ahead.

Celebration of Advent, a coming; the third principle of the Kwanzaa seven: “To build and maintain our community together and make our neighbor’s problems our own to be solved together.” It is an election year, 2006, maybe we’ll get it together and solve some problems.

“War on Xmas?” Falwell, Robertson, O'Reilly, Bush 43 and their ilk have declared a war on scripture, on Christ, and Abrahamic culture and tradition. These Right-wing idiots are pagans in the worst sense of the term. Moreove, they are actively working to destroy this nation, its economy, its culture and its heritage. Theirs is a doctrine of hate for all good people.

Happy Holidays.

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