Sunday, December 25, 2005

Maybe time to impeach Bush ... think about it

The New Year is upon us and the old year has been rather humorous; we have the “Republican War on science” (by journalist Chris Mooney) which has manifested itself as a renewed Christian war on evolution; and the Christian charge that, because some people honor other holidays, there is a “War on Xmas”; Right-wing Republican leaders have been indited; and then there is the interesting stuff.

Seems the president has admitted to violating laws against domestic spying – effectively turning the National Security Agency into the KGB; FBI Counter-terrorism agents have conducted operations involving terrorists like environment activists, animal cruelty groups and, horror of horror, those who advocate poverty relief – which qualifies our buddy Yeshua, who advocated care for the least among us. To top things off, for Xmas, our right-wing congress cut funding for the least among us.

The administration looks at a melting permafrost, receding glaciers, and record global temperatures; then, again, declares global warming a myth. In the mean time, outsourcing and our trade deficit has been implicated in the exporting of CO2 production to the third world; third world facilities are cheaper because they are environmentally dirtier – oops, need to be careful, that’s green speak and warrants posting to a domestic terrorist watch listing; they’ll tap my phone and learn all about what I think of right-wing-bigoted-homophobic-“Christian” anti-Christ policies and practices.

Well, a New Year, and our right-wing rulers – self-appointed hate mongers – can look forward to a November re-election campaign which will determine world history for generations to come. This is probably the first “off-season” election in history to determine a fate of millions (and the world).

While the right spews bigotry and justifies war, there are those who have studied, those who have learned, those who have “been spoken to” – Bishop Carlton Pearson and his Doctrine on Inclusion are an example of enlightened humanity of a type that leads to an angelic state of existence.

In that context, from India, there is the report of a living Buddha – a boy supposedly has been sitting in meditation for six months without food or drink. An ancient pattern repeating; a time of change.

Ah the word for 2006: “Why.” As in, “Why a Buddha now?” Or, “Why do we vote?” Do we vote to make the world better; to make our Nation better; our State; our Communities; our lives? Or is it to approve and condone the suppression, oppression, omission, exclusion of others?

“Why do we vote?” Is it to lift people up, or to push them down? Why does Bush feel compelled to spy and lie? Why Iraq? Iranian influence is increasing; their president branded the Holocaust a fiction; a leader ignorant of history; “Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it.”

“There is no sin but ignorance.” Does Bush really believe that pulling out of Iraq would “signal to the world that America cannot be trusted to keep its word.” He should talk to Native Americans about America’s record on keeping its word; what of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, TANF, LIHEAP – a good one; we look to Venezuela for energy assistance because he abandoned us.

Oh yeah, a Happy, Joyous and Prosperous New Year for the richest five percent, paid by the poor.


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