Saturday, January 07, 2006

Robertson at it again

The Reverend Pat Robertson done done it again; this time he wants to blame his deity for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke – it’s punishment for giving up Israeli territory. You’d think that an interventionist deity would nail the Palestinians for their attacks on Israel; wouldn’t you?

Just shows ta go ya, Robertson represents a not-too-bright-deity, a real “wrong-way” Corrigan type. Well, those satanic types really should read JOB – they’d learn their boss just doesn’t get it, and it takes more than stealing a name to fool the moral.

In the meantime, Red Voters in Oklahoma and Texas got a taste of fire; and, what presumably were, Red Voters in California got a mudslide. Meanwhile, keynehore, only the only counties in Maine to see harsh winter weather have been those which recently voted for bigotry. When it comes from to drawing political symbolism from natural occurrences, two can play the deity invoking game.

It will be interesting to hear Robertson’s take on the “The Book of Daniel,” which will premier Friday on NBC. Sounds almost interesting enough to reconnect the TV. Seems it’s about a pill-popping Episcopal priest with gay son, a promiscuous straight son, a daughter who deals marijuana, and a wife who drinks too much. Oh, for a punch line, the reverend, Daniel Webster, discusses his many troubles in regular chats with a robe-wearing, bearded, non-judgmental Jesus.

The American Family Association, which, politically, is about as anti-family as any group can get, has started its publicity grabbing attacks even before the first episode aired. Look for their hand in contributor pockets when they begin their move to return the right-wingers to Congress in the fall.

In the same vain, over in Italy, they have their own “Miracle on 42nd Street” playing out. Seems the Italian courts have been asked to determine if the Jesus existed. It appears that Luigi Cascioli, the author of, “The Fable of Christ,” has, in his words, “present proof Jesus did not exist as a historic figure,” and has now challenged the publisher of a parish newspaper to refute his thesis “by showing proof of Christ's existence."

At issue are two Italian laws, "Abuso di Credulita Popolare" (Abuse of Popular Belief) intended to protect people against being swindled or conned; and "Sostituzione di Persona," or impersonation. It would seem Cascioli has taken a page from Shakespear’s “Merchant of Venice” – wherein a law intended to stop Jews from practicing medicine among Christians subverted to deny debt recovery.

Throughout the world, matters of faith and religion are becoming issues in the everyday conduct and affairs of governments. Naturally, we expect the Italian court to apply logic akin to that of the 1947 movie – which declared a Macy’s Santa to be the one-and-only Santa Claus.

Of course, were the court to declare that the Church failed to present credible historical evidence of Jesus’ existence, that would fit quite nicely with the Malachy O'Morgair prediction that the current pope is the next to last one; and other predictions that this, or the next, pope will be forced to flee Rome.

Comedy one-oh-one, disproving will prove what has been disproved.

Meantime, in Saudi – the home of the 9/11 gang and their leader – the deity has apparently struck at Mecca; or so it would seem; if not for deaths in a church as well. Interesting thing this Robertson speak, last year’s tsunami wiped out everything (Islamic) on the ground; yet left a Buddhist temple only a bit damp. Think the deity might be telling us something?

We live in fun times.

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