Sunday, November 07, 2004

World gives thought

Enjoy a bit of the "Times of India":

Somewhat unexpectedly, Germany's left-wing Tageszeitung says it salutes Bush's return to the White House. Now, it says, Germany has the opt-out clause it needs if ever asked to cooperate in America's military adventures.

Meanwhile, in the land once divisively christened "New Europe" by Bush's secretary of state for defence Donald Rumsfeld, the election result is interestingly feared to intensify the great ongoing clash of civilizations.

In some of the EU's newest members-states, such as the Czech Republic, the Hospodarske Noviny crushingly says Bush's win will be cheered by "a skinny, bearded man hiding somewhere on the Afghan-Pakistani border".

It argues that Osama bin Laden "needs not only his faith in God Almighty but also a clearly defined enemy".

In Hungary, the Nepszabadsag suggests a new era begins of more "rows" in Brussels and United Nations "confrontations", while bin Laden "leans back in his armchair with a smirk on his face."

I made no bones of the fact that Osama NEEDED Bush re-elected. Without Bush, Osama would be lost. Now ... Now I await the reality of a second term Bush 43 administration and wonder at just how much the Republican majority in both houses of Congress will allow him ... will they slit their own throats to allow this moron a free reign?

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