Saturday, November 13, 2004

Life is Fun

More memories

Well, not really memories.    I guess we’re in more of a period of discovery.    I was researching the 60's again.    Going back to the people I knew back then; those who crossed paths with me, but would never recall me.    I spend a lot of my life being the proverbial “fly on the wall.”    Or maybe I was just the hired hand, the good servant, who is always about but never intrusive.    That does seem to be the role I play in life.    Drifting about ... influencing directions ... but never really being recognized by those influenced.

Sigh ...

Time does move on ... but ... I was going to write about my research.
Maybe start with mention of the first snow of the season having coated the dooryard with a fluffy clean white.
That would be the artistic start.    LOL    But why be artistic?

In any event ... I was looking up the Kuchar brothers – wanted to see if there was more information on Bob Cowan – again came across Donna ... and then went on to see Leonard Lipton mentioned ... He wrote “The Super 8 Book”... so I know he is the one who was at “Filmmakers projection” – the one who worked for the photography magazine and arguably was the first to have ever made an underground movie in Super 8 – and another book, “Lipton on Filmmaking” with the same major publisher.
It was fun to find him, and then discover him mentioned in association with Peter Yarrow – of “Peter Paul and Mary” – and that it was Leonard who had, at 19, written “Puff, the Magic Dragon” as a poem which he and Peter later turned into that world famous song.    He’d be about 65 now.

A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys

Painted wings and giants' rings make way for other toys.

One grey night it happened;

--Leonard Lipton

The name “Leonard Lipton” appears as co-director of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” in 1975 ... is this the same guy who wrote for “Popular Photography” back in 1966?    I think it’s neat.    Top have known this one, and that one, and the fellow down the road.    But never to have really registered with any of those paths that crossed.    In that context, I remember describing my life to a friend – it was very pictorial ... which is where my head was around 1964 ... I saw everyone as being in a boxes – pigeon holes – and I was walking the edges.    From time to time, I would jump into one ... meet the people there and enjoy their lifestyles ... then I would jump out again, catch my balance on the edge ... and take a leisurely stroll alone the dividers until I came across another spot that looked interesting – and in I would go.    There was little unhappiness – I could always jump out.    And the fates seemed to be very nice to me – they never imposed anything harsh that displayed an in-your-face harshness.    They would also warn me well before the “serious” time ... they would also shield me when possible ... I guess you need to take my word for now ... I’m not into giving the detailed examples right now.

Life is Fun

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