Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Monkey’s Paw

Look to EU

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With the Bush re-election, and the current attitudes of Europeans towards Bush, we now are faced with a war on two fronts.    The EU is positioning itself to be the next western superpower – it therefore cannot assist Bush in Iraq.    Simply put, it is in the EU’s best interest to allow Bin Laden to bankrupt America.

However, the stealth superpower is in Asia.    China is now a major creditor for America.    Bush has already begun to defer to China in dealings with North Korea – which raises questions about Bush 43's ability to confront his “Axis of Evil”.    We can see this underscored in the administration’s approach to Iran.    They have threatened, but it becomes rather difficult for them to follow through on the threats when our troops are over extended by our efforts to nullify insurgencies.

Look to your shopping card – that’s where the true power is.    Where are the products being made?    Who is getting your money?    Gee ... it seems to be going to ASIA.
Think about that.
Your money is going to buy Asian products.    You lifestyle depends in good manufactured in Asia.    And your government is funding its deficit spending – the tax breaks for the rich, and purchases of Star Wars weapons systems to fight terrorists with box cutters – by borrowing the money back. So China – that bastion of Communist principles – has become a major manipulator of financial assets in the finest of Capitalistic traditions.    The Bush 43 right wing Christian obsession with gay marriage, and Crusades to change the Islamic way of life, are selling western world domination.    The universal joke – China has a strong Islamic and Jewish tradition.    Jews came to China in the times of the Babylonian Empire, and names like “lee” were set aside by the Emperor to be used by Jewish families – Islam entered 1400 years ago.    Christianity has no roots there.

For Bush Christians, these are the end-of-days predicted in scripture.    And they are doing all they can to make that so.    What they don’t realize is, these are the “end-of-days” for Christians – and they are ensuring the end of their own pathetic dynasty of hypercritical murder and abuse.

Be Careful What You Wish For
especially when wishing with
The Monkey’s Paw.

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