Friday, November 05, 2004

A New Era Dawns


It’s a new age and new time.    The President has settled in to do his worst, and the majority of Americans are happy about it.    That reveals a delightful fact of life – we, all too often, get what we ask for.

A New Morality is preparing to sweep the land.    The time has come for us to decide if we want to be part of it – which is to say, how many of our freedoms do we wish to relinquish, and how many of our fellows do we wish to relegate to second class citizenship?

MARRIAGE , in eleven states, was formally defined as a union between one man and one woman.    In at least one state, civil unions were outlawed.    Honestly, neither is an issue which should be an issue.    Neither issue, nor any related legislative enactment, addresses the fundamental issue – is marriage civil or spiritual?

Yep. That is the real issue which we must eventually address – is marriage a civil or spiritual union?    It is an important and fundamental question for society to address.    Our tax and benefits allocations are all based upon “marriage”. But that ignores the historical fact of marriage as a “contract” – a legal, civil agreement – which is entered into in accordance with prevailing laws and social customs.    In that context, ALL marriage is a civil union; a spiritual marriage occurs outside of the auspices of law and legislative authority.    When a couple enter into a living arrangement – when they live together – they can reasonably be seen as “married in the eyes of God” ... if they view themselves as being in a voluntary union as a loving couple.    The very fact that members of society would assert that they are “not legally married” establishes that marriage is a civil union.    That being the case, the idea that we would define that specific form of contract as having to meet specific tests is no different that the legal tests and standards imposed on any other form of contract.

Comically, society can outlaw anything.    The existence of a “law” has no real effect on a population unwilling to recognize the validity of that “law.”    Never has.    Couples will still form loving units – be they Homosexual or Heterosexual.    Individuals who so desire, will still produce children – through traditional or medical methodology.    There will always be the individual, or couple, who will open their hearts to children who are genetically unrelated to themselves.    Loving individuals will express that love, and concern, without regard for any legal mandate that tries to suppress, or invalidate, such expression.    It has been so since the dawn of time.    It was true when the Pharaoh’s daughter took Moses from the water; it was true when the wolf suckled the twins, Romulus and Remus – establishing that even supposed “laws of nature”can be violated to set the stage for a higher purpose.

The Moral Majority has only one common trait – they lack true morality.    They care nothing for love; nothing for their fellow humans; nothing for this the creatures who habitant this planet; and even less for the planet itself.    They wave scripture as a club – with no knowledge or interest in its content and purpose.    They impose laws solely for the purpose of domination of others – to enslave others to their will.    The name “Moral Majority” has been taken by a group here – it is rightfully held in disdain elsewhere; but the name applies to all who would impose their will on others without regard to basic humanity.    The “moral” element of America is no different from Osama Bin Laden – except that he is more honest in what he does.

A New Era Dawns

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