Thursday, November 04, 2004

And so, the fun begins ...

Bush claims to be fighting terrorism.    Every state likely to be subjected to a terrorist attack voted for Kerry.

On September 11th, New York City was attacked;

On September 11th, Washington DC was attacked;

On November 2nd, New York City voted 4 to 1 for Kerry;

On November 2nd, Washington DC voted 4 to 1 for Kerry;

I suspect they know something the Red States don’t.

Across Europe, the Newspapers are all asking the same question:

”How can 59 million people be so stupid?”

Hungary has announced it will be pulling its troops out of Iraq.    This bring to four the number of nations withdrawing to leave Bush 43 – and the American people – to deal with the mess.

Osama Bin Laden seems to have made his point.    Will he also be right about the trillion dollar deficit?

The fun has begun.

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