Thursday, November 18, 2004

Being ahead of curve is cute

On November 5th I submitted the following article to the Downeast Coastal Press. It was published on November 17th. On November 18th, the Bill Clinton Presidential Library was inaugurated – and President George W. Bush ... Bush 43 ... praised Clinton as being the one who knew how to take care of the “least of His people”.

Isn’t interesting that Bush 43 can demonstrate he knows the words, demonstrate that they apply to the Democrats – and all Blue Voters. This is a president – Bush 43 – who otherwise cannot either talk the talk, nor walk the walk, associated with the faith allegiance he professes to hold.

Also on the 18th, the New York Times reported that the Federal Debt Ceiling on current borrowing was raised to $800 Billion – our children will soon owe $8.2 TRILLION to foreign investors.

To what degree shall the next four years reveal the satanic hypocrisy of the current White House?

BUSH VICTORY, American Loss

Throughout the United Kingdom, newspapers characterized the election with front page queries like: “How could 59,054,089 people be so dumb?” (Daily Mirror), and “March of the Moral Majority.” (Daily Mail) Similar pronouncements dominated the European Economic Union.

One-third of Americans are evangelical Christians, many of whom perceive Democrats as contemptuous of their faith and take revenge by smiting Democratic candidates – even when it is against their own fundamental interests, and the basic tenants of their faith.

If the Democratic party had any sense at all, it would bring forth a strong speaker who had a solid knowledge of scripture and wasn’t afraid to display it. The thing that has been lost on this nation – buried by evangelical profiteers – is that the basic agenda of the Democratic Party is wholly consistent with New Testament teachings. I would go so far as to argue that the road to Christian Salvation demands promotion of the Democratic agenda – an argument I base on Matthew 25:40-45 and related gospel citations.

The evangelicals support Bush 43's opposition to universal health care, provision of clothing and shelter for the needy, and even environmental protection so as to provide clean water to drink; they also belittle Europe for providing cradle to grave services which adhere to a gospel which mandates environmental protection and care of the least of people. Evangelicals, the current electoral “moral majority”, characterize themselves and their political agenda as “conservative.” It strikes me as somewhat perverse that it is “liberals”, those most embarrassed by references to scripture, that adhere to its objectives and are actively promoting those objectives.

It also seems perverse to preface the “liberal” label with the terms “tax and spend” – when that simply denotes a recognition that fiscal responsibility demands that those incurring an expense do so only when there is offsetting revenue to meet the cost. We can contrast this knowledge with “conservative” practices evidenced by the Bush “conservative” administration.

Federal tax revenue for 2004 is $100 billion lower than when Bush 43 took office, but spending is $400 Billion dollars higher. Clearly “conservative” economics demands that we spend four dollars for every dollar of revenue decline. As of Wednesday’s announcement, the Federal treasury will be borrowing at least an annualized $588 Billion in 2005 – that’s the currently projected deficit for next year. The announced Bush 43 agenda calls for making the current tax reductions permanent, partially privatizing Social Security, and making a downward modification of the alternative minimum tax on investment income. In addition, the first of the baby boom generation is scheduled to start drawing Social Security benefits between 2006 and 2009. If we assume no further domestic terrorist activity, the projected deficit will soon approach $800 Billion annually.

On November 1st, Osama Bin Laden declared his intention to force the Federal deficit to exceed one TRILLION dollars. Given the math, that was Bin Laden’s way of saying American interests – both foreign and domestic – are going to be attacked. Right now there are bills in both houses of Congress providing for a new draft – something that Bush 43 assured us was not on the agenda.

Conservative politics: spend more, while reducing revenues and preparing to reduce the labor force needed to sustain current economic stability. Concurrently, reduce infrastructure spending and benefits necessary to sustain the “least of His people” – slash the economic safety net. This is the gift from those in the Red States – what the pollsters and media are calling “morally motivated voters”. However, we live in Maine – a Blue State – where our Governor and Legislature have imposed a spending cap, are working diligently to reduce the structure deficit they inherited, while also attempting to find ways to ease our tax burden without depriving any of the necessities of life. So ... regardless of our religious beliefs and affiliations, we can look to Matthew et al with knowledge and assurance that we understand the true meaning of “conservative values”.

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