Friday, November 19, 2004

Life is interesting ... blogs too

Every now and again you come across someone who is obviously brilliant.    Such a person blogs at A Reader's Journal    If she didn’t already have a partner, I’d be flying off to find her.   

Check out the post which begins:    “Just read the Book of Genesis.    The Bible is a book on the comprehensive booklist but also I feel an obligation to read a book that "supposedly" condemns homosexuality.”    She nails the contradictions beautifully.    to think, there are people who not only believe this literature to be the literal word of God, but do so without being phased by the idea that they also hold it sinful for people to live the life scripture authorizes.


And some of those idiots are responsible for our health, safety, and general well being ...    Now that is scary.

While we’re glancing at blogs, another interesting site is Nasty Boy, politics ain’t pretty    Personally, I love the pix of Bush morphing into an ape ... The expressions match so perfectly.    But it is a bit insulting to the APE.    After all, it is the more intelligent of the two.    The quote below it ain’t bad neither: "It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it." ...    Four more years of Bushisms ...    don’t ya just luv it?    I do.

World Ends - film at 11

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