Wednesday, November 03, 2004


At 2:20 EST the 2004 Presidential Election came to an a peaceful and non-contentious end.    Bush 43 – as predicted here – was re-elected.    We can now look to what he does with this new opportunity.    Will he stay the course, and ensure that the worst of the predictions come to pass; or will he accept the overtures already offered from the Europeans – and by so doing, move us to a more peaceful world?

The issue of Moral Values is now being touted as the deciding factor.    Clearly, the nation was divided between “moral values” and “Terrorism.”    The red states went for morals, the blue for security.    The red states discounted real world issues in favor of abstract concepts which have nothing to do with the basic realities of survival or prosperity.    The blue states – those which are subject to terrorist attacks – trusted Kerry and distrusted Bush.    The red states – the bible states – who cared little either for reality, or for the mandates of scripture – went for Bush.    The red states favor the high budget deficits, the blue oppose them.    The red states define marriage as a union between one man and one woman – a slap in the face to Islamic beliefs, where a limit of four wives, based on the Koran, prevails.    It is also a slap at those who honor western scripture and understand that the Bible states a man can have two wives – if both are treated equally.    The red states mandate birth, without and provision for survival – the blue states make birth an option of the mother, but seek to provide a safety net to ensure that the child, once born, can grow and prosper to become a productive member of society.

This brings us to the issue that the Democrats have consistently failed to establish in words to the same extent that they have sought to establish them in law.    Christian scripture reports Jesus saying that what is done to the least is done to him – what is done for the least is done for him.    So it is that scripture argues that we care for those who are at the bottom – scripture is the ultimate codification of morality.    The red states hate to adhere to scripture – they would rather intrude into the lives of their neighbors, and impose values that go contrary to scripture.    Hence we can say that the red states – representing 51% of the voting population of the United States – are the States of Satan, or the servants of Satan which scripture warns of.    The Christians within that 51% of the electorate are therefore the Christians which Jesus warned would come in his name, but who he would not know when it came time to advocate for the souls which needed saving.

The election is over and the lines between good and evil drawn.

Book of Revelation (The Apocalypse) places today in an interesting perspective:
– Rev. 19:19 which has the Great City made rich by Ships at sea made desolate in an hour; is this not consistent with New York and the Twin Towers on 9/11?
– Rev. 20:4 wherein souls are beheaded for their testimony; isn’t this what we are seeing since Bush 43 chose to attack Iraq rather than capture, or kill, Osama Bin Laden?
– Rev. 21:8 wherein evil goes forth to deceive all nations; is this not what Bush 43 did when he lied about WMD and Saddam Hussein’s role in 9/11?
– and isn’t it reality that it all focuses around Babylon – which we know to be situated just south of Bagdad – and a final battle to occur at Armageddon – which is in the mountains of modern Israel?

Bush 43 has won re-election.
The rich will be rewarded.
The poor will be punished.
Wounded Iraq veterans will be cast aside.
The deficits will increase - Ben Laden’s target is a trillion dollars.
for the next four years
for the economy and terrorist access to America.

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