Thursday, April 13, 2017

NO TRUMP CARD -- Trumps first 56-Days.

We now have a look at the first 56-days of the POTUS elected in the First Election Cycle of the Nation's second 57 Electoral Cycles.  POTUS OBAMA having been elected in cycles 56 & 57 -- or the last eight years of first 228 years of the Nation.
Normally we talk of the First Hundred Days, but now that we know the Nation is tied to the ancient calendar and numeric cycles, it seems more appropriate to deal in those terms.
In this book, the possibility is raised that Trump is the figurative Stallion who takes command of the stampeding herd.  He is, therefore, taking the leadership role by running with them from the front, and, possibly in the second or third 56-days, we will see evidence that he is turning the herd.
It is possible that the bombing of the Syrian airfield and the ISIS encampment in Afganistan -- which marked his 11th and 12th weeks in the second 56-days -- will prove to be the beginning of the next phase.
There are many things to look at in the second book of the series.  One is the way the administration functions in terms of Planned Parenthood and Healthcare.
there is something we need to deal with.  The radical Leftwing "Dump Trump" movement which is actually a movement designed to elevate Mike Pense to the rank of POTUS PENCE and create a radical Rightwing government with Pense in the Whitehouse and the Freedom Caucus calling the shots in Congress.
This image is the one to fear -- it is the one the "DUMP TRUMP" people refuse to discuss or even acknowledge ... because it is their reality and objective.


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