Sunday, March 19, 2017

McDonald's Hates Trump -- after making him fat. .

The complete history of Donald Trump's forgotten cameos in fast food commercials
This is NOT something a legitimate business would post or Tweet.  Naturally, it was removed as soon as they realized it was posted.  But, it could be said this does go to Hacking and the ability of third parties to introduce an ability to engage in surveillance.  If you can "hack and post", you can "hack and read".


 The complete history of Donald Trump's forgotten cameos in fast food commercials
Neat!  Trump is using a fork and knife to eat KFC. 
Which is actually NYC civilized, as opposed to Red Neck sloppy.  Granted, when they cheat you out of meat on the bones, or if you really love the greasy flavor, you can suck the wing and such -- some people even chew the wing bones and swallow {not recommended, since a bone chip could damage your digestive system}.

Only a smoker can drink Diet Coke -- their taste buds are already dead so they wouldn't notice how horrible it is.  Plus, it's pure poison and actually more fattening than a real Coke (Pepsi is far better tasting).

It has been reported that there was a report which found that a third of all fast food packaging contain health-compromising chemicals meant to keep the wrapper from getting greasy.

GEE, the chemicals to protect the paper are designed to kill you?  NAH.   That's not what the report said -- or is it?  Might be why our local Mc-D serves things in boxes.

OH WELL... if the medical stuff is legit, all that fast food, combined with obvious excessive weight THE DONALD's carrying, will give him a heart attack and both the LEFT & RIGHT will cheer having the extreme Right, non-POTUS Cousin, Mike Pence as POTUS PENCE.  We get to shatter a 229-year old Traditional American practice of electing POTUS who are related to a common family tree and bring down the nation ... in one move.
Buth that is the reality of

Fortunately for Jihadists, and all those who hate America, Americans have closed their eyes to reality.

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