Sunday, February 19, 2017

Great Conspiracy Theory -- a right-wing extremist takeover of America in February 2019.

Great conspiracy theory:

The extreme right-wing is behind the allegedly left-wing protests against Trump.
Their goal?
To elevate Mike Pence to the role of POTUS PENCE and thereby solidify the extremist control of the American Government. They control the House and Senate, at least 33 State Houses, and easily that many State legislatures. They will soon control the majority of SCOTUS justices.
Now they only need a POTUS who has demonstrated his support -- as governor -- for opposition to gays, abortion, Obamacare, and any and all programs which might in any way elevate American Society to a state comparable, or superior, to the more successful European nations.
THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE is the agenda. It is seen on the talk shows used to illustrate this article/video presentation.

It was all predicted in the non-conspiratorial 2014 book "Death Over Life: A Prophecy of America's Destruction" {Amazon, March 2014} -- right down to the campaign slogan adopted by Trump and the landslide Republican victory at all levels of government. Now we can watch as extremist forces on left and right seem to join in the common goal of elevating Pence to POTUS PENCE. Of course, to do so with the greatest effect, so he can serve for ten years instead of less than eight, the overthrowing of Trump MUST occur immediately after January 2019.


Are we talking conspiracy or simple prediction based on clearly observed behavior?
We will all know in 2020 -- when 20% of Germany is Muslim and an anti-Muslim War, under Commander-in-Chief Pence, will take on interesting ramifications. Of course, that means the Republicans will hold, or increase, their control in 2018.

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