Monday, February 20, 2017

Gov Paul LePage and his Republican Party of Hypocrites

The Republicans are being exposed as the liars and Hypocrites they truly are -- and are being exposed by their own words/actions rather than those of others.
Governor Paul LePage wants candy and soda off SNAP but will keep pure sugar in bulk bags available.
Supposedly he is addressing sugar based nutritional concerns -- but the lie is proved by allowing the bulk purchases.
However, in keeping with Right-Wing thought, NOTE LePage will forbid Chocolate Santas and Easter Bunnies; Easter eggs and Candy canes; SAINT Valentine's day candies; and other candies related to Christian (or other) religious celebrations.
It is therefore abundantly clear that LePage and his cronies are waging the Classic WAR ON CHRISTMAS style action that the right-wing alleged when people said "Happy Holidays" as a shorthand for recognizing ALL the religious and secular celebrations which occur in the weeks which mark the end of the calendar year. 
 IT SEEMS The Right-wing only approves attacks on Christmas which are direct ones conducted by their own people.
Ah, the delights of being the Party of Hypocrites.

The so-called "War on Christmas" (or less sensationally, the Christmas controversy) is a primarily American right-wing demagogic neologism referring to secular attempts to keep the December solstice holiday shopping season culturally inclusive. It sets the standard by which all other manufactroversi...

Now here might be Right-Wing support for the LePage WAR ON CHRISTMAS AND ALL RELIGIOUS CELEBRATIONS:  Why LePage’s food stamp restriction request could be a good idea

But then too, we have this take on LePage's MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE policies: Maine Gov. Paul LePage Will Starve All The Poor People Unless He Can Deny Them Cake  It is really neat -- deny them the various traditions related to the celebration of religious and seasonal holidays, or let them starve to death.
IT IS THE EXTREMIST RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN THING TO DO.  Anything that will hurt people is first on their list of priorities ... hence the attack on hospitals and medical care.  

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