Sunday, November 06, 2016

Republicans want classified data to be in the open

Seems that over a year ago the AP reported that the State Department server was LESS secure than Clintons private one.
This means the Republicans are arguing that then unclassified, but now classified, data should have been transmitted by the least secure method available. Republicans are arguing data should have been effectively OPEN ACCESS to hackers. Ah, the beauty of a MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE Republican agenda -- it permeated all aspect of life and government ... and as of Tuesday might become official American policy.
"What makes Clinton's case different is that she exclusively sent and received emails through a home server in lieu of the State Department's unclassified email system. Neither would have been secure from hackers or foreign intelligence agencies, so it would be equally problematic whether classified information was carried over the government system or a private server, experts say.
"In fact, the State Department's unclassified email system has been penetrated by hackers believed linked to Russian intelligence. [Associated Press, 8/26/15]"

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