Thursday, November 10, 2016

Karen Sue Batten-Whitaker-Pence next VP Wife.

Mystery of Karen Sue Pence
Apparently, she was married & divorced -- yet the Catholic Church allowed her to marry a second time in a religious ceremony.
Nice to know Catholics don't honor their own rules.
Guess we have a touch of "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" entering into the game.  That does explain how Mike Pence can be so anti-Bible ... even his Church disobeys the rules.

Her Parents?  That was the mystery.  Still trying to track down their genealogy, but we have some names:
1. Her mother: twice married Lillian F HACKER-BATTEN-BARCIO, probably the daughter of Gene & Pearl HACKER.
2. Her father: {appears to be} John BATTEN, son of Lavern A. BATTEN & Nadine Lucile Hering-Batten.  (Father's name is on her Wikipedia bio, still  his confirming parents).
3. First Husband: John S. Whitaker, married 1978 in Texas

It is nice to have a marriage record that establishes the Catholic "anti-Christ" status of both Pence and his wife.

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