Thursday, March 24, 2016

How to reduce or eliminate abortions.

Mandate the signature of the biological father before a fetus can be aborted.
That would be equitable -- since the father could be held liable for child support if the fetus is born.
Include in the legislation, or as a separate law, a mandate that the father must consent to the birth before child support can be imposed.
The Abortion Clinic and Doctor are to be held liable for an abortion that is done without paternal consent. The amount of the penalty against the clinic shall be not less than the average 18-year support payment that is assigned to, or associated with, child support.  That amount would NOT be less than the amount that Social Security pays for dependent children -- children whose parent died.
Immediately, abortions would be reduced.
Next, for the Evangelicals, the  religious basis for this is the Biblical Law governing an attack on a pregnant woman  which results in the loss of the fetus -- Biblically, the father is entitled to payment.
Of course, that seems to be too easy...

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