Monday, March 21, 2016

Christian religion is irrational.

In the books, GRANDPA WAS A DEITY, and SAINT PAUL'S JOKE, we have, respectively, the origin of the son of deity religion and the universally violated mandates of gentile Christianity.
We know from the biblical story of Noah that we are all descended from the deity, a fact intended to bring an end to the pagan son of God mythology.  Obviously, the Romans couldn't let it go and it persists to this day.
But the greatest irrationality is the judgement day and eternal punishment ...
Consider this, you shall receive pain and torment; why would you accept?
Since you receive pain, and there is no death, you can refuse and fight back ... you are, effectively, an indestructible super-being enjoying eternal existence.  There is no reason to submit.  Granted, rebellion is against a similar being, but who cares -- the torment becomes equal to all parties.
To hold someone down in the mud, you need to get into the mud with them.
Thus, all there could possibly be is oblivion ... non-existence, non-consciousness, non-punishment.  Added to which, punishment is inefficient ... a waste of energy in a universe that we know is extremely efficient... it is irrational to hold that the greater of a self sustaining efficient universe would be so wasteful.
But then, Christians insist that their DEITY is imperfect and inefficient ... and makes mistakes, gets things wrong, or changes things arbitrarily to meet the needs of the prayers of those who do not accept the perfect of existence.
So sad.

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