Saturday, February 06, 2016

Is the US ready for a socialist president

Actually, the title question is rather stupid -- and, while not asked by them, reflects the stupidity of the Republican Party and where it is leading the nation.
FDR -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt POTUS 33, originator of the New Deal and creator of the most prosperous era in American history, was the ultimate Socialist President. Any intelligent person would be hard pressed to find a program in his administration that was not, at its heart, pure socialism.
Socialism works -- Jesus was a Socialist though you would never know that from those who allege to follow his teachings.
Consider the nonsense over ACA (Obamacare) in which the "good Evangelicals" are at the forefront of trying to repeal and destroy it, and everything else associated with Healthcare -- that is, keeping the average person healthy and productive. It's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" -- they would "come in his name and he would not know, recognize, nor defend them".

ACA is the Good Samaritan with Reagan privatization and payment requirements attached. In the Good Samaritan, the idea is that the evil ones walk by (they don't go as far as Cruz, who actively and repeatedly attacks the Samaritan for stopping to offer help); the good person, surprisingly the Samaritan, stops -- he does not ask for identification or citizenship proof, does not check to see is thugs had missed anything valuable which he could then take in payment for helping, he just helps. The Samaritan assists the man; takes him to a place where the man can get care and sees he gets it; then pays for the mans care during the recovery period and leaves -- with no no request for future repayment.
THAT is the socialism we see in Europe and every civilized nation -- especially those who are not boasting about how "Christian" they are...."SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and American Republicans are the butt of it.
The Vermont senator has never hidden his views but his proposed policies to overhaul tuition fees and healthcare have branded him a dangerous extremist

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