Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Election Prediction ... into 2022 and 2033

Bernie as POTUS and Hillary as VP ... that would give us a shot at the reforms Bernie has been promoting since the 60's and the State Department experience of Hillary to handle foreign affairs (VP's are perfect for that, they are out of the limelight; so can conduct negotiations and still have my favorite negotiation line, "I'll need to check that with my boss").
In terms of what I'm working on in the book department -- there are no historically correct candidates and this is a "mystical period/era".  Bernie is 74 (75 on election day), as POTUS he's good for one term ... he dies around 2022, so in their second term, if Hillary is VP (she's 69 on election day, 73 in the second term, 75 in 2022) ... she becomes first female POTUS.
Prophecy war is 2033 -- POTUS 49.
Total nonsense ... unless it happens ... then totally accurate prediction ... 😁😈

POTUS 49 and 2033 MUST coincide.

The period for POTUS 47, 2025-2028 will be interesting -- whether good or bad can't be stated at this time.

Evangelicals should be warned that they are TOTALLY SCREWED -- based on the Book of Revelation and the probable timeline that began in 1929 

(Don't look for a RAPTURE, that was just for the 12 Tribes, and happened in 1945.  The Levites stayed around to handle the mess on the ground.  If the Evangelicals actually believed in a Deity, they would be voting for Bernie Sanders, supporting ACA, and quiet about Planned Parenthood -- but screaming about the excessively high Military Budget.  Fortunately, none of them believe; but that's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and calls for an attack on Rome while Francis is traveling.)

The Effects of THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE Republican agenda will bring down "Babylon the great city" -- which we call Washington.  But, Donald Trump has said it has already fallen, hence the "Make America Great Again" and the fulfillment of that particular prophecy ... which only requires the words, or their equivalent, to be spoken in 2015/16.

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