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THE RAPTURE – those who say they are Jews but are not; they claim to come in the Name of Jesus, and while they attempt to destroy others, beseech all things in that name … these are people Jesus said he would not know.  They are the deceivers.

In the BOOK OF REVELATION says 12,000, taken from each of the Twelve Tribes, will be scoped up – without alerting everyone else that the “end of times prophecy” had begun to unfold.

How could that happen?  How is it possible for 144,000 people to vanish and nobody notice?

The timeline presented in   "Biblical Prophecy: Are we in the Revelation Era" and then in its sequel, "Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction", reveals that Hitler was the 1st Horseman – the White Horseman – and, in 1929, having been saved from mustard gas (or his spirit replaced when he was killed by it) in World War One,  he appeared, on cue, in 1929 …

World War Two began, on cue, with the appearance of the Red Horseman, in 1939.  The other Horsemen, death and famine always accompany, or follow, war.

But then there is the RAPTURE – in his book, Hitler announced what was to happen; it happened; then the 144,000 vanished along with more of righteous Hebrew faithful.

And, even though the Wizard demonstrated it in both Black & White and Living Color, the World could not see what was behind the curtain being constructed before their very eyes.

Now we are well into the prophetic period – or so they should proclaim.  Yet they see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing.  Sergeant Schultz would be so proud.

They have not the eyes to see, nor the ears to hear.

Of course, there are those who refute scripture and will always  deny prophecy – they are kindred to those who deny Global Warming and the melting glaciers or ice caps.

Prophecy is just inexact prediction – you know certain things are coming together, that they will interact, and that the result must take certain forms.  But the exact – to the minute timing – is never there.  However, if “A” then “B”, and if “B” then “C & D”.  then events, once begun, continue to unfold.

The period 2015/16 should see “the fall of Babylon the great city”.  But what city (nation state, or nation) is that modern Babylon?

Babylon was a city-state or nation in Mesopotamia;  it is said it was a "holy city", a city comparable to Vatican City in Rome; at one point, it was the largest city in the world – in terms of population – and therefore could be held comparable to Tokyo.  It’s name, in Hebrew, is comparable to BABEL, "confusion", and so reminds us of the story of the Tower of Babel and the confusing of language – a place where, today, we might say rhetoric outshines substance or meaning … which reminds of of politics and the “legalese” utilized in Court, Parliament, or Congress, to deceive and mislead.

In 1595 BC Babylon was overthrown – it fell under the might of the  Hittite Empire … that was in Hebrew Year 2077, so it is hard to relate it to our year 2077.  Though it could relate to the forces which shaped America in our year 1595 and thereafter.

No matter --- the key is it was powerful, and under Hammurabi produced the first true Code of Law … a code much like the American Constitution.  But is there a nation of Hittites that can bring down America?  Or is it something which happens internally?

So many possibilities …

Bu the end of January, 2017, we should have the answer to the significance of this period 2015/16.  But, for now, it would appear that the RAPTURE has occurred under the cloak of the Holocaust.  And, it would seem, all things are on schedule.






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