Monday, June 29, 2015

Puerto Rico–first kink in economy with more to come

'Until 2006 [when Bush was setting nation up for Great Recession that triggered the following year] the economy was buoyed by tax incentives for American firms that manufactured there. ... and Puerto Rico’s economy has shrunk virtually every year since. ... No growth and heavy debt are a toxic combination. "
The MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE Bush style -- takes time for the full effect to be felt. The Wars and Debt burden -- and his creation of the situation which gave rise to ISIS -- still have some time before their true effect and harm is apparent.
Obama has countered the "no growth" element -- but the Tea Party right-wing anti-American cause is growing in its vehemence and they only have 18 months in which to achieve their agenda.
[NOTE: The subsidies and tactics used in Puerto Rico are identical to those being used throughout Republican States -- attack Social Security which is well below poverty, and keep the minimum wage level below poverty, and you force the society to rely on subsidies like SNAP; once those subsidies are attacked and removed, the economy collapses. It's basic economics and the heart of the republican drive to destroy America ... but, like melting ice caps don't support global warming, the republican base will deny the observed reality.]

However, you know this, and expected something like it, because you read DEATH OVER LIFE …  you did read it?  didn’t you?

Greece in the Caribbean

IT WILL not be long till Congress and the White House start squabbling again about the budget in Washington, DC. But before they create another artificial debt...


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