Wednesday, July 29, 2015

"First Amendment Defense Act"

This article takes the wrong view:

The "First Amendment Defense Act" Is The Next Attack on LGBT Rights July 28, 2015 10:36 AM EDT ››› RACHEL PERCELAY”


Once again we have "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and because the writer of the article hasn’t read the book, or Bible, they do not understand the legal ramifications of a law that allows cross-examination on the Bible based beliefs, or assertions, of hypocrites.

The beauty of Republican legislation is that they support a Bible they have never read, or enjoy lying about.

The freedom of religion is defended by violating the establishment clause.

"Traditional Marriage" -- define it. OH DO NOT use the Jesus mandate, but focus on TRADITIONAL marriage.

Cultural anthropologists will tell you polygamy I the most common marriage form across cultures (though in raw numbers monogamy dominates).

But let's look at Jesus: he starts his instructions to his followers by acknowledging that polygamy is traditional -- specifically the OT states two wives per man and its the man's option to have two.

Jesus then mandates one-man-one-woman BUT exempts Homosexuals (eunuchs from birth), the castrated men and those who are celibate in service to heaven. Thus Gay men are exempt for the mandate and gay woman are not mentioned at all -- it is phrased from the male viewpoint, and nothing in the OT denies females right to be gay or bi, while men are explicitly (via Leviticus) prohibited from being bi.

So let's assume they assert, in court, they are following the Jesus tradition and not the real traditional marriage that even Jesus recognized for non-followers. They would, as part of same mandate, need to oppose all those who are divorced; if gay is used as service denial basis (through some unsupported inference), then they must show they deny service to the divorced who are explicitly forbidden. Failure to do so should result in charge of perjury being leveled against them, and dismissal of their case.

However -- since polygamy IS THE TRUE TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE -- the law is intended to allow men to have at least two wives, in accordance with the "if a man has two wives" statement in the OT, as acknowledged as God's law by Jesus.

LOVE IT. A Federal Law to prove that American Christians are hypocrites who routinely violate their own scripture.
It's "SAINT PAUL'S JOKE" and the punchline is a killer

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