Thursday, July 16, 2015

Abortion MUST be legal–to create life.

An article I wrote -- for a NYC newspaper back around '73/4 -- predicted the legalization of abortion results that appear in the chart in The Economist article


Park Management INC (Remsen Street office building) housed one of the first post Roe abortion facilities -- it was build/renovated to hospital standards and did quite well ... the article was an economic assessment of the type which soon saw me receiving international recognition and being listed in foreign biographical references before gaining recognition in Who's Who in Finance and Industry.

Fortunately, the average person favors the misrepresentations of Right-Wing groups whose sole objective is to inflict THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE.  As Christian would have learned, if they took the trouble to actually read their Bible, HELPING others is the proper course of action.

The reason abortion is opposed is so third parties (the woman) can acquire an 18 year $250,000 debt liability; children can be produced so they can be denied SNAP (food) and medical care (as with the attacks on ACA) and tortured until a reasonable number of the turn to a life of crime (thus hurting more people); there is also the opposition to birth-control, which ensures the need for abortions; opposition to abortion when woman's life is at risk -- thus killing BOTH mother and a wanted/desired fetus.

Recently we even saw news of a pro-life attack on Planned Parenthood -- aimed at attacking the use of donated stem cells which offer the chance of a healthy life to millions.  THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE takes many forms -- and begins with the simplest tactics and lies.

OH -- why the decrease in abortions was predicted?  When illegal a woman must think about finding an illegal abortion; when legal, she gets to think about the benefits of being a mother, and eventual grandmother ... and given the latter option, woman who can, will accept the financial burden of being a parent (it's human nature).  To help the latter and push the numbers down further, society need only support the basic, and long term needs of children -- which is why the right-wing opposes providing for those needs and insults any who need assistance in fulfilling them.

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