Tuesday, May 19, 2015

King OBAMA–a Tea Party Annoyance

Various right-wing idiots – the loyal FoxNews types – have been saying Obama is behaving like a King (some have said ‘Queen’, as in Gay).

There is a harsh reality that, if it continues to prove true, both makes those racist derogatory assertions implicitly correct, and reveals those who cannot win the White House in 2016.

First – yes the nobility assertions are racially motivated – they have worn out the Kenyan bit.

Next, it appears that all of the past 44 POTUS are members of the same family.

We know – thanks to a 13-year-old California girl – that every POTUS, except Van Buren, is a descended from King John {signer of Magna Carta}.

I’ve been posting to charts on Pinterest, POTUS 45 – the common POTUS Genealogy.  These charts link each POTUS or FLOTUS to their common Colonial grandparents.  Many cases they share the same ones, occasionally there is a “marry-back” – where a POTUS and FLOTUS are actually cousins via their Colonial Ancestor.

Here’s an example, based upon cousin relations, as opposed to common Grandparent is POTUS 14 Franklin PIERCE:

FLOTUS/POTUS 14 Pierce brings in Reagan, Wilson, the Bush clan, and FDR.  But takes three couples for only six POTUS.

POTUS 40 – Ronald REAGAN;  41 & 43  George Bush, father & son; 28, Woodrow WILSON; 32,  Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT.

The America POTUS are American Nobility, who descended from European Nobility, were in charge of Colony formation,  and were comprised of Military and Naval Officers and the Deacons or Reverends who were the spiritual leaders of the Colonies.  In many ways, they were the LEVITES founding the American Israel – with the States as the Tribal Colonial Territories.

For now, as much as the heathens object, Obama is our Chief Rabbi.  Granted, there is an Edomite movement to elect “Herod the Great” who will be loyal subject to whatever Rome emerges.  But who he is, and what state is the new Rome, that we have yet to learn.  We might well learn it – if the Biblical Prophecy continues to prove true, and Washington falls in 2015/16.

"Death Over Life: Secret of Revelation: A Prophecy of America's Destruction"  Will the Revelation timeline – which became on cue with the emergence of Hitler in 1929 – continue to unfold?  Or will it be disrupted?

But for now, a genealogy of American leadership seems to dictate the next POTUS will be one whose roots trace back to the Virginia, Massachusetts, or New Amsterdam Colonies – and from there to European Nobility.

Of the potential non-qualifiers, only Bernie Sanders, a Jew, would be the true “American” President to end the historic lineage…. but that’s for a different BLOG.

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