Wednesday, May 20, 2015

get a job

Curious thing about Republicans complaining about people who are on welfare not wanting to work ... most seem to be women and children.
But the Republican agenda is built around the idea that women should have children -- even unplanned for or one know in the womb to have a limited life span with minimal ability to function.
Republicans argue that women should not work, should stay at home with the children, yet those are exactly the people the Republicans castigate and punish for following the Republican ideal.
If mom is home, and needs money to survive, she needs to abandon the kids and work at a job where she need 20 hours overtime just to earn a poverty level wage.
With mom gone, who's caring for kids?
Do Republicans pay child care to do what mom did for free?
Get a job ... but Republicans use tax money to fund the outsourcing of jobs to other countries ... and give tax breaks a to firms which outsourced manufacturing and keep their profits outside the nation.
Hum ... MOST HARM TO MOST PEOPLE seems to involve deeds which contradict words ... and they wave a book which said, "you will know them by their deeds" ...
Yep, on track for the fall in 2015/16 ...…/…/1497427169

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