Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Russia into Ukraine


A defense concept from the 2014 book “Death Over Life”: “The current point of significance here is, the Ukraine is not a member of NATO, despite years of speculation that it was poised to join, in 2013, the government did decide against joining, and therefore it afforded no protective status under the North Atlantic Treaty, Article 5 – more important, the NATO powers have no legal basis for asserting any direct involvement.”

As of 8 March 2014, there appears to be a Russian military buildup.  In all probability a defensive one – but the Russia News does report American ‘Greystone’ mercenaries are actively involved in the internal Ukraine conflict.  While their presence could be a problem, the bigger issue is the reported or alleged outdated nature of the Russian military.


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On page 83 of Death Over Life” it says: “Internal divisions in Ukraine are historically real and can be expected to endure long after the current situation has faded into history.  But in many ways, the Crimea situation is analogous to the Texas and the Alamo, but with some notable differences.”
Ultimately, the book holds that the Russians will remain on the sidelines – unless actively dragged into the fray.  “If we look at Russia, which has, for the past half-century been the big bad bogeyman, we see a nation whose troops seem to remain home.”

The book goes on to say exactly what the Russians will do.


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