Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Ode to idiot son

Well, every now and again – especially when you are a senior senior citizen – you see something that reminds you of your idiot kids.  In my case it’s an oldest son who is now comfortably middle aged and has yet to figure out how to produce children.  Or maybe he just was incapable of finding a gal willing to carry his whatever for 9 or 10 months.

Any who …   there was a Washington Post article today which declare that, in 31 states day care costs more than college.  Article rang a bell because his mom died when he was 16 months old and I had to have two jobs  -- one to pay for the babysitter, and the another which would pay for all our expenses.  Obviously that was back in the days before the safety net entitlements came into being.

Of course, we lived in a state (New York) where even today the costs of daycare are excessive – as excessive as the rents.

Per the article: “The biggest gap is in New York, where day care will set you back nearly 15 grand, but in-state college tuition is only $6,500 -- a difference of over $8,000.”  Back then, with the payroll tax, I was losing about three percent over my take-home pay for the nanny.  Phrased another way, the nanny salary was 103% of my take-home pay as a teacher.  Fortunately I had a weekend job which paid better than the city teaching position

it wasn’t long before I realized I could work less, make more, and still have the fulltime nanny – if I quit teaching and just added one day of work to my weekend job.

Reality.  Most who might happen on this article really will not be able to relate – at least not beyond the no kids point.  We have entered an age of Zero Population Growth – which countered “The Population Bomb, described by Paul Ehrlich in his book of the same name.

Funny thing about ZPG – those who ignore it and have at least three kids who have kids (ideally three or more) will be the direct ancestors of those who rule the world five hundred years from now.  In a shorter time if “Death Over Life” proves accurate in its assertion that the Book of Revelation prophecy actually began in 1931, with Hitler’s emergence, and was affirmed with WW2, in 1939.

The 2001 World Trade Center nonsense and 2007 economic debacle were also in that timeline and now we look to 2015 for the next phase.  Then a brief period with the mess scheduled for 2033/4 as the finishing touch which will raise those with surviving children to the pinnacle of global power – as the ones who survived.  Naturally, those who have no children are dead – with their ancestral lines terminated.  It is about “Death Over Life” and “Saint Paul’s Joke”



It’s also about idiot children who disrespect their parents and all their  ancestors – who, through centuries and millennia, struggled to survive so that they could come into existence.  ZPG does not mean a person should not have children – it means they should have no more than two (maybe three).  Simple population replacement needs 2.4 children per fertile woman – any nation which fails to achieve that level of fertility will vanish from the planet; any nation which exceeds it will inherit the world.  As they say, the “meek” inherit – where the meek are those who are now  Third World, or Chinese.

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