Friday, October 11, 2013

TED CRUZ–ashamed of his name?

His name is Rafael Edward Cruz and he seems ashamed of it … which is why he Americanized it to Ted.

His father fought for fought for communist revolutionary Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution – of course, being pro-Castro and entering America (in the pre-Reagan, or Reagan era) doesn’t wash, so he plead stupidity about what he was fighting for.  Did he come to America as a Cuban Deep Cover Communist Agent?  Is that why he married an American?  Was he circumventing background checks?

In 1993 Osama Ben Laden declared his objective to totally destroy the American economy.   After Ben Laden’s death, that goal was reasserted as an al-Qaeda objective.  Now, a Canadian born, son of a Communist revolutionary fighter, has led an action which threatens to achieve the longstanding al-Qaeda objective.   Is it possible that ‘Ted’ Cruz – the man ashamed of the fact he carries the given name of his father – is really an al-Qaeda agent?

If he brings down the nation – specifically while asserting he wants to demy Americans health care -- it is apparent that he works for al-Qaeda.   Be it that he does it knowingly, or because, with all his proven intelligence, he is, in reality, an anti-American idiot.

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