Friday, October 11, 2013


LIVE BY THE SWORD, DIE BY THE SWORD is derived from the Book of Matthew {26:52} “Put your sword back in its place,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.

Some use this to say that Jesus opposed war and fighting, but, in reality, Jesus had no problem with fighting – or swords.  If he did, how could his followers be carrying them? 

The adage begins with “50 Jesus said to him, 'My friend, do what you are here for.' Then they came forward, seized Jesus and arrested him.

51 And suddenly, one of the followers of Jesus grasped his sword and drew it; he struck the high priest's servant and cut off his ear.”

If we think about it, Jesus is saying that the sword should only be used when it is worth you life.  Jesus being grabbed was not worth the life of his followers – it was an event that befell his cousin John, and would befall many.

More important, what is worth TAKING a life?

Modern Christians will point to martyrs who died for their faith – so will Buddhists, and Shoah (the Holocaust) Jews.  It is OK for you to die for your beliefs, but not to make others, who do not hold those same beliefs, to die for them.

To kill others for not holding your beliefs is MURDER.  To be a modern Christian is to be the result of centuries of mass murders perpetrated by those who made you Christian, by making your ancestors Christian under the threat of death.  They did not come willingly to the faith, and the faith  based on converting Jesus into Hercules and retaining all the Herculean traditions under new names and connections.

It is “Saint Paul’s Joke” … but they don’t get it … nor will they get it before the time is too late.  By then, they will be the unquestioned butt of the Joke – students of Augustine of Hippo who insulted Jesus, Peter and Paul … and denied everything that is the stated premise for the teachings.  As Jesus is reputed to have said: “They will come in my name and I will not know them” (Which means he will NOT be their advocate on the real, or figurative, Judgment Day.)

Should we care?

We have an obligation to warn – to inform – to tell people they are wrong … only then can we hold them libel for the actions which are improper.

As of October 1st, 2013, the American Congress – led by the Tea Party Republicans – has made it a point to insult and denigrate those who fought just wars, wars in which saving lives meant killing.  These should not be confused with the military actions aimed at innocents – that is a Jihadist way.  The Jihadist, the terrorist, the al-Qaeda member who, like their Christian counterpart, murders people at prayer and on the way to prayer – murders children and woman who are on their way to market so they can feed their families.

Christians kill … that is what they do.  Like the Jihadist, they murder Hebrews … but Jesus was a devout Hebrew, and Peter was as Orthodox as they come – save for Paul who declared himself “A Hebrew among Hebrews”.  So the modern Church (in all its denominations) came about by symbolically murdering Jesus, Peter and Paul … It is a matter of indisputable history.

Mohammed, The Prophet and author of the Koran, decreed that his people should HONOR the HEBREWS … Like the Christians, his modern followers dishonor him by attacking Israel – they are among those who, will not be known, when it counts the most.

Look at the Tea Party … it attacks OBAMACARE which, like the parable of the GOOD SAMARITAN, holds that we should care for people – not look into their wallets, or ask a lot of questions about their past, or blame them for past misfortunes (pre-existing conditions) which might have led to their current need for help.  The Tea Party holds that, to be a good Christian, the first step is to deny Christ and his teachings – they will work hard to deny the old, poor and the orphaned Social Security.  They will work hard to deny those who fought Just Wars, their medical care and, if they died in those wars, the benefits which accrued to, and should have been paid to, their families.

Fortunately we do not have to fight the Tea Party … we can let them have their way … within limits … limits which include not accepting them or their ways, and expressing our opposition in a peaceful manner … at the voting poles.

Remember, the Tea Party is charged with sorting those who will see the new world from those who will join their ranks and be consigned to everlasting purgatory.  The Tea Party has only one goal, they demonstrated it with the current shutdown – a shutdown over their desire to deny the sick medical care, to cause the deaths of as many people as they can before their lies become so visible as to be revealed to even the blindest of those who have accepted them.

THE MOST HARM TO THE MOST PEOPLE, is, was, and shall always be, their sole reason for existing.  If you doubt that, find something positive they have advocated and placed before the legislature to be enacted into law.  But don’t allow them to lie, or accept the lies, that make the correcting of damage they have caused and simply re-caused in a different way, to be taken as a positive.  Seeing they have failed to beat the nation to death, they might well call an ambulance – but be careful … for  their next attempt to kill will be to attack the ambulance.




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