Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Lung Francis One

Pope Francis, (nee Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio), is reported to have had one of his lungs removed during his teen years as a result of an infection.  While it is not necessary to have two lungs for survival, Francis has already survived to the average age when men die.  So, as we learn more about this guy, it appears there is a chance that he will expire before his predecessor.

Now that really gets interesting … at least in terms of the Malachy Prophecy… Is Francis I really a “false pope”?   Is he the Vatican’s attempt to thwart the Malachy bit about the 112th Pope on his list as the Last Pope … the one that marks Judgment for someone and THE END for something?

The issue still remains: Will either the Vatican, or Rome itself, be destroyed while this guy is in office?  Or will it be the next guy?  


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