Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It’s in the CLOUD

AT FIRST, FREE Email had limited space, then, it was expanded to what has become,  effectively, unlimited space... but it was always on their server – downloading it to your media became, and remains, a pain, or impossibility. 

Then memory became cheaper, space expanded exponentially for same budgeted cost... and the cloud was born.  You could store all your data on their server, and thereby access it anytime, from anywhere.  You access or download... but always it is on their server.  The mystical THEY have and can access your data.

Streaming audio and video... There are a only a few real copies, they sit on servers in wherever… you can buy them, but never own them … they are, after all, seldom, if ever, on your media – they are not on your server, DEVD, or flash drive.   They, that which you ‘own’, is only markers, placemarks, single or multiple bits that point to what you supposedly own, and which record where you were the last time you accessed the data.

Those digital bookmarks that are unrelated to the actual file in terms of space occupied ... pointers... owned... but the file, the book, the
video, that remains apart from your private media storage... a ending
library where the books never leave the building and multiple individuals are using the same book at the same time... a cloud...
wisp of smoke ... all knowledge reduced to a media that could vanish
in a moment... a room the doors to which can wall over because it is
their natural state to be sealed ...

If there is a crash, if electric is disrupted thousands of miles from where you are… you are deprived of that which you allegedly own.

Worse, the owner of the server can confiscate everything on a whim.  They can deprive you of everything that is you ...  your pictures, data, work product… everything. 

We are a society built on the trust in strangers we never met, and will likely never meet.  Our security is in the hands of the unknown … and they have become TRUE GODS

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