Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Florida Nazi Church

Washington Post report: “KABUL - Gen. David H. Petraeus on Tuesday denounced plans by a Florida church to burn copies of the Koran this weekend, … It is precisely the kind of action the Taliban uses and could cause significant problems”

Yep and it is also the kind of action which is consistent with the Nazis, and which marks the history of Inquisitions, Witch Trials, and burning people alive – typical for their ilk.  Also consistent with those who eventually vote Republican … watch … listen … take note of how quiet the Florida Republicans and Bush family will be on the matter.

Watch … listen … take note of how quiet the National Republicans and RNC will be on the matter.  Watch them turn their attention to the destruction of our economy … Watch them focus on saying NO to jobs and improvement of the nation.

The roads in this nation are a disgrace.

As reported in a NY Times article, Obama recently indicated, “Republicans are betting that between now and the Nov. 2 elections, Americans will forget the Republican economic policies that led to the recession. He said Republicans have opposed virtually everything he has done to help the economy, and have proposed solutions that have only made the problem worse.”

SPEAKING IN MILWAUKEE, Obama stated, "That philosophy didn't work out so well for middle-class families all across America. … It didn't work out so well for our country.  All it did was rack up record deficits and result in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression."

The GOP, and Nazis running that Florida Church, work on a simple basis: people are to stupid and evil to really care about their fellow man or the dictates of their religion …

Try thinking, DO UNTO OTHERS.

Burn their scripture and sit quiet because you have authorized them to burn yours.  Burn their people alive and remember,  by doing so, you authorized them to burn you alive … the dictate is simple: do not do to another that which you would find hateful if done to you.

The corollary is basic – what you do to another you are authorizing (& welcoming) their doing to you.  The people in Florida want a war with Islam … they want it to be a Holy War … and they will die … die because the followers of Islam out number these pitiful sects of disbelievers … these anti-Christ types who want death, destruction, hardship and poverty to rule the world.

Three cheers for Florida … it’s setting the course for a history that will bring about the end of America … that Americans want to follow that course will be proved in the November mid-term elections.

Nice to identify the NAZIS in Florida ... seems there is one for every state in the union -- plus a leader.
From the NY Times:
"Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Center, which has about 50 members, said he understands the government's concerns but plans to go forward with the burning Saturday to mark the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

"He left the door open to change his mind, saying he is still praying about his decision, which was condemned Tuesday by an interfaith coalition that met in Washington to respond to a spike in anti-Muslim bigotry."

What's neat -- the Vatican, which was quiet during the rise of Naziera (which effectively was working on the Vatican agenda) has now, through Tuesday's Vatican newspaper, published an article in which Catholic bishops, including Archbishop Lawrence John Saldanha of Lahore, Pakistan, criticized Jones' plan. Of course, given the prophecy (by a 12th century Monk who has yet to be wrong) that this Pope is the last-but-one, the Vatican needs to play it safe -- otherwise they would again be calling for a Holy Crusade (Christian Jihad). Poor babies ... doomed to see the last in their line -- sometime around the spring of 2013. LOL Just to pick a time out of thin air)
Arianna Huffington: Third World America: Why I Wrote the Book and What We Need to Do to Save America's Middle Class : Growing up in Greece, everyone knew someone who'd left to find a better life in America. That was the phrase everyone associated with America: "a better life." When I came to live here in 1980, I knew there was no other place I'd rather live. Thirty years later, I still feel that way. But something went wrong -- terribly wrong -- and put our country on a very dangerous path that threatens to transform us into Third World America. It's a jarring phrase, I know, but I decided to make that the title of my new book, which is being released today, as a warning -- to make it clear that if we don't change course that could very well be our future. But the book is not just a critique of the many ways things are broken -- it's a practical guide for how to fix them.

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