Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dec. 21, 2012 The Day Christianity Ends

The Mayan Calendar records the beginning of the world in 3114BCE and counts 13 Baktun cycles of roughly 394 years each to end on the 21st of December 2012. On that day, the earth and sun will align with the center of the universe (actually, the Milky Way galaxy) and that which was will begin anew.

In a way, we can view this event as a Great Year. Great in the sense that it is an enormous year based on the Milky Way galaxy rather than old Sol ...

For the Mayan, the cycle begins 648 years after the Biblical Date of Creation -- that is, years counted from the birth of man. In their terms, the critical date for Biblical religion would have occurred in our common year of 1364. To the extent that April is the beginning of the creation year, it is significant that it was on 8 April 1364 that Charles V of France came to power -- due to his high intelligence, he was know as Charles the Wise. In that vain, it was the following month (12 May 1364) that The Jagiellonian University is founded in Kraków. Jagiellonian University produced Nicolaus Copernicus -- who is best known for the writing and discoveries associated with his hobby, astronomy.

Did the Hebrew world end in 1364? Should our world end in 2012? Or will we see the roots of a new world ... one based upon the laying of foundations of greater discovery and intellectual achievement?

It is said, predicted, by one who, for a thousand years, has been proven totally correct about such things: The name of the last Pope, but one shall be Benedict and his rule shall be the rule of the current Benedict. Thus, could the age of enlightenment be the death of this Pope and the short term rule of his successor?

The phrase "short term" relates to the final prediction about the final pope -- he will be run out of Rome and die in exile. Christianity, as we know its roots, shall come to an end in 2012. Thereafter there shall be judgment for the sins of Christians -- the torture of the Inquisition, the racism and Antisemitism which the evangelicals have sponsored, the acts of common folk who violated the scriptural teachings the profess to follow ... those who claim to be Christians but are not ... those who deny health care to their neighbors and so violate both the Christian commandment to tend the sick and the commandment top treat thy neighbor aS THEY WOULD BE TREATED ... those who have divorced against the specific teachings of Christ and who oppse his direction that ALL PEOPLE (including Eunuchs from the womb who we call gays or homosexuls) ARE ENTITLED TO MARRY.

To that last point: it therefore becomes significant that we should be holding the debate two years before the critical date of 2012.



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