Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open Healthcare Letter to Senator Olympia Snowe

"The most harm to the most people" seems to be the Republican answer to all real world problems.

I have long be proud to have you representing Maine -- you seem to be someone who opposes anything which will impose "the most harm to the most people."

Healthcare is the issue before us ... the reality of it is that to continue what we have will continue to impose "the most harm to the most people".

America pay twice as much for care as any other industrial nation. Yet millions of people are without coverage, while the other nations cover everyone on their soil -- citizen or foreign (granted there is a use charge to non-nationals, but even that is only a fraction of the comparable cost they would pay in America)

We have Medicare, Medicaid (with it hoops and hurdles), and Veterans Hospitals -- so why not cover everyone and eliminate the costs of hoops and hurdles? Why not open veterans hospitals to everyone -- free of charge? Instead of having multiple programs and staffs, why not one program for all. Why not make people well -- instead of wasting funds making them qualify for the chance to get well (while they continue to get worse)?

Families which the insurance companies screen for a lack of probable need must pay $6000 for coverage they probably don't need -- Government coverage for them would cost nothing and add that $6,000 annually into savings and purchases. Purchases mean more profits and tax revenue. Savings mean more funds for economic expansion.

We can afford to give up the pennies in tax revenue from insurance executives making tens of millions. We need rational medical coverage. If we only equal the per person cost of England and France, we would cover everyone and have a surplus against our current costs.

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