Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michelle Obama and scriptual warning

Date Line June 21, 2008

Religious Right – have they ever read the Bible?

One must seriously question their Biblical Knowledge, or even their honesty. If we listen to their verbatim quotes we would assume they know what it says – which means they intentionally go against it.

Think about the silence there exists with regard to their mindless attacks on Michelle Obama. Think about Moses, Aaron and Miriam when Miriam badmouthed Moses’ black wife. Possibly the only time God personally appeared to Aaron and Miriam was to rebuke them for race based gossip and specifically for Miriam’s snide remarks about the wife of Moses.

Is Barack Obama the modern Moses? We’ll need to see if he can save us from the Bush/McCain style Pharaoh and point us to the promised land; but that possible future aside, let’s focus on how God viewed racism. He made his prophet, his seer, Miriam, a leper in punishment for her comments.

Think about the Bible Belt. Has it prospered by its post slavery racism? Or has it been the butt of many a joke – an intellectual leper, where it had been the home of one of our first major Universities and birthplace of some of our greatest minds (those who became our founding fathers). God does not suffer racists with grace – not even those he previously selected to be his earthly voice.

But then, there are those who do not tie a Bible to their had and speak in liars condensation to those who know what is moral and right. Of them we wonder where the feminist morality lies. Why do they seem to fear a strong, competent, educated wife, mother, and career woman?

Where are the Liberals and those who support equal rights for all? Why are they noticeably silent? Why when her campaign went the way I had said it would over a year ago, were those who supported Clinton so open in their statements of support for McCain? Does the race of a highly qualified candidate trump the good of the nation? Is their own self worth and the future of their children so meaningless that they would see all destroyed because the qualified candidate is married to a black woman?

This is not about the race of the candidate – his mom is white and he is a blood relation to both Dick Cheney and Harry Truman. Granted both those relatives were seen as unpopular, and Cheney is destined to keep that reputation while Truman surpassed his heritage to take a positive place in both American and World History.

Is Barack a part of our history? His family certainly is: Harry Truman, the president who brought World War Two to a victorious end; Christopher Clark, a decorated Union Officer. There was a probably false, certainly unestablished, connection to Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy; but even if real, it would be another National Leader in his bloodline.

Consider Bush one and two, all they can lay claim to is Prescott Bush – an American Senator, a racist and anti-Semite who helped fund Hitler and the Nazi war effort. We can see that traitor, anti-American conduct, runs in the Bush bloodline. We can see leadership there which believes in weakening our military, and not only plunging the nation into debt, but doing so to a nation which the Republicans had routinely branded as anti-God, anti-democracy and an enemy. At least Bush is consistent to both his roots and his Right-wing supporters.

What of the Heir-apparent to the Bush legacy? John McCain, a man who seeks victory in a religious sectarian civil war where the victor can only be an outside faction whose agenda includes our destruction and whose leadership has declared, as a primary goal, our incurring a Trillion Dollar deficit. Those with the ears to hear and eyes to see have already learned that we are nearly half way there – having gone from a budget surplus to record deficits without any national benefit.

It is now June. In November we either seal our fate, or move toward achieving our historic promise. Which objective is best served by the attacks on Michelle?

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