Thursday, May 22, 2008

Will Texas legalize Polygamy?

Date Line May 22, 2008

The Texas Superior Court has reversed a lower court ruling and held that Texas Human Services had no right to remove some 440 children from the custody of their parents after the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, claimed they were being persecuted for their religious beliefs. Which they were – but who cares?

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ believes that the bible has significance in how they should run their lives – their bible, now the one everyone else uses; and certainly not the Koran.

The Judaeo-Christian types should – if they every read the bible – would know that girls can be married rather young, and that all the patriarchs had more than one wife. The exception being Jesus, who either violated Judean – hence God’s laws – law by being single, or was homosexual.

There is the third option, revealed in the Church suppressed Gospel of Peter, which has Mary as Jesus’s apparent wife, and certainly as his lover. But there in lies yet another hypocritical logic problem for the fundamentalist Catholics and Evangelicals – if Jesus was here to fulfil the law, he had to have been married in his twenties; it matters not what he did in his thirties, he had to marry in his twenties, and he had to have fathered children. The law demands, and demanded, it.

But back to Texas. Seems the Texan logic is that the residence of an individual is not relevant when the women of the various households have a common sexual partner. If the male is shared, the households are unified into a single legal unit – they are legally one under the law.

That is the core of the Texas Human Services, and Texas Attorney General’s, argument. And I cheer it. Hence forth, if they both appeal, and prevail in that appeal of, the Superior Court ruling, Texas will have established a single household is created whenever a man has multiple sexual partners. Possibly future rulings will require that the relationships be ongoing; but certainly, legal marriage will not be a factor in creation of a common household unit across divergent residence.

Every man who picks up a ditzy blond in a bar will automatically incorporate her into an extended household. Will that be sufficient for tax purposes? If it is the law, and the courts hold it is the law, than most certainly it will apply.

Hum, now how will that play in a nation which already accepts the concept of “palimony”? Would one woman be able to sue the others in the extended household? What claims could be made on property? The polygamist marriage are not recognized and so ... HOLD IT!

HOLD IT! That is exactly what the Texas Attorney General has effectively argued – any polygamist marriage in Texas is legal and forms the basis for the unification of the households for the purpose of applying laws governing the Texas Department of Human Services.

Texas has argued, or is in the process of setting the president for, declaring polygamy legal. California and Massachusetts have both declared same sex marriage legal; Texas is now working to introduce polygamy and over turn the idea of one-man-one-woman marriage.

YEA! Texas. Polygamy legal! That means divorce is no longer need marry that mistress – think of the savings in legal fees, think of the savings in family disruption, think of how nice it will be when Bush and his Saudi masters finally allow Islam to prevail.

OH... I need to apologize for a prior posting. I projected 2037 as the year oil will be gone. A recent IGA pre-report release has stated that the official estimate to be formalized by November will be 2030. It is therefore necessary to state that the Iraq nonsense will reduce that to 2026, and – should we attack Iran – 2020.

OK so we will be out of oil, the Islamic rulers will take over Iraq and Iran – hence controlling the only existing oil supply. Therefore, the Islamic prophecy of a world dominated by Islam will come to pass sometime in the presidency which begins in 2016 – at the end of the second term for the President elected this November. The Islamic overseers sent to govern America will therefore be legally allowed to bring all four of their wives.


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