Monday, April 14, 2008


Date Line April 14, 2008

FOR THE RECORD: Prediction –

When Bush leaves office he will receive multi-millions in “consulting fees” from The Saudis. Diligent research on the part of an interested party will show money came Bin Laden Construction Company or its affiliates. Same bribery that senior got for the Gulf War. NOTE: This will be from new firms – not the ones currently being investigated in Canada for bribery of public officials.

NEXT: Concurrently, or subsequently, OPEC will re-denominate the price of a barrel of oil – no longer will it be in dollars, the Euro is the new Dollar.

FINALLY: The housing crisis will be recognized as a result of the baby-boomer babies having reached maturity and the beginnings of a fall in population which can only be abated by allowing immigrants to enter upon our shores in records numbers sufficient to dwarf that seen at the end of the nineteenth century and beginning of twentieth. Xenophobic Right-Wingers will block creation of a sound immigration policy, and housing, construction, and numerous other aspects of economy will collapse – followed by a resurgence of religious zeal and REAL war (against an identifiably & quantifiable enemy).

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