Saturday, April 12, 2008

just a rant

Date Line April 12, 2008

There is a time of writing. I just never seem to catch it.

There are great things to be achieved. But they carry a dear price; and one which I chose not to pay. The operative word is “CHOSE”.

If it were anyone else, that operative word could be considered a joke.

Without achieving, I have gone down in record books for achievement; do you know how that feels?

How much time do you devote to achieving? How much time to making it? As the line goes, “Whatever ‘it’ is.” For me, the it is not achieving. Not doing. Turning my back on that which I must do. It has always been TOO EASY. To easy. Not, however, two easy. The play with words, the seeming achievement without the follow through – it has been too easy. To ease into the situation, to be invited, drafted, into the situation. To express the opinion that none other could express, and then to duck and cover while the predicted result comes to pass.

It is all ... just to easy; just too easy ... but without the two – which would make the life ... would make life oh so easy.

For most who read this – they just don’t get it.

Imagine setting your sights to on being a super-model ... walking into an agent’s office, or photographer’s studio, and just achieving it. What price would you pay? Look! They paid it.

Imagine setting your sights to on being politically elected ... walking into a room, and just being elected. What price would it demand of you, what would you need to pay? Look! They paid it.

There are those who make history. There are those who are just there for the history.

Imagine setting your sights to on wealth ... and just achieving it because you were there when it was to be made. What price would you pay? Look! There are those who paid it.

Imagine Knowing ... Imagine that you know ... knowledge with crystal clarity. Knowing what to do, what to say, what will be said or done.

Can you imagine that? Or do you just wish for it. Will you pay the price? Would you pay the price?

Imagine making the choices which allow the choices – which allow the achievements; which allow that which can be to be? Can you? Can you even envision what is being said?

Imagine publishing today what will happen in six days. Imagine doing it again and again. Sometimes within a week – after sitting on the story for a month or more. Imagine saying a year in advance what will be self-evident. Imagine developing a disgusting habit for being right – and hiding that fact. Hiding the fact because the price of revealing it would be too great, and the price of keeping it a secrete is also just as great. So you do it where there is a record – that nobody will notice. Or .. At the least ... not make notice of until the time has passed for the price to be exacted.

Imagine bragging about it in a way that will pass over the heads of those who are too superficial to care; and in a manner that those who care will hold in abeyance until the time has passed.

I am sneaking up on sixty-four. Beatles, John Lennon, will you still love me? For too many the response is no. For too many the time of learning will have been lost before they can hope to begin the process.


Imagine. Imagine this. Imagine that there is a “trophy wife” who is of a mind to have “Trophy Kids”. Imagine she would have the best and the brightest to go with the best and the brightest. Is that a dream, a wish, or a vision of things to come?

Imagine a family of saints and deities – all documented in history. Is it something you could accept? Is it something you could be a willing participant in? Or would, if you were, would you ‘go it alone’ and so go it alone? Only to learn when the learning is of little value?

Sigh ... ranting and silliness... when I should be shaking the trees of history.

Yep – I did say it. This nation is on the verge of ... “On the eve of destruction.” In a few months we will determine – you will determine (as I already have) – if it deserves to continue. The possibilities are your ... Clinton or Obama; Clinton/McCain or Obama/McCain, and finally McCain or ??? I made the decision a year ago – when are you going to decide? And are you as correct as I?

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