Monday, March 24, 2008


Date Line March 24, 2008


Bush has the gall to deny wounded soldiers their healthcare, families of the killed their benefits and still claim "every single loss is tragic."

Come on kids! This crook lied and lied again – and continues to lie – about the basis for this invasion and the murder of nearly one million Iraqis. YES! The number of innocent Iraq’s citizens who have died is quickly approaching one million! Not that anyone in America really cares. After all, it is the “right to life” group who is cheerleading this right to kill, the right to MURDER those who do not follow a hypocritical path behind Christ.

Why hypocritical? For starters, Christ said that prisoners should be treated with respect. It was a major point of his in scripture. Yet here we see those who claim to be his followers – but clearly are not, but are those he said he would not know – swear allegiance and support to those who advocate torture, and block the moral among congressional leaders from passing a clear law against torture.

To commemorate their admission that the fourth thousand soldier has died – while systemically denying benefits to the families, or making them wait years in poverty before granting entitled benefits – Bush has proclaimed: "Our strategy going forward will be aimed at making sure that we achieve victory and, therefore, America becomes more secure" ...

DUH! Murdering fathers and mothers and leaving Iraqi children to hate America is into going to make us more secure.

Worse, this is not a war! And worse still – there is no basis, there is no condition, under which the end to this murder spree can be called a victory within any context the Administration or the neo-cons would be able to reasonably and logically define. There is no force on earth who can say to America, “enough, we surrender.”

We entered Iraq and gave al-Qaeda a training and recruiting ground. Al-Qaeda has attacked in Yemen. Are we in Yemen opposing them? Al-Qaeda has attacked in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia – can we stop them? Can we give them a reason to proclaim “Hold! Enough!”?

Or will al-Qaeda just restructure and expand? Will the name of Bin Laden be raised to the stature of an Islamic deity, and his legions become historic forces throughout the coming centuries?

What is to stop it? Who will put an end to hatred which grows with every innocent who dies? Will the Iraqi people cheer a century without power, without basic comforts they had known under Saddam?
The evils of Saddam, whatever they were – and we supported many of the to the point of selling, or giving, him the tools – will those actions that were approved of by as many of the Iraqi as were subject to their effect prove to be as well remembered as the running water and reliable electric? Will it be as well remembered as the religious freedom? Will it be as well remembered as the deceased and longed for family member killed by American soldiers having fun taking pot-shots at eighty year old ladies driving their car home? What will be remembered when the father sees his young son bleeding in the street?

What will be remembered when the young boy see his father killed when he runs to the side of the son bleeding in the street? ONE MILLION DEAD shall leave many millions to hate. The hate will be toward those who invaded and destabilized their nation. The hate will be toward those who allowed al-Qaeda entry into their nation; and they will remember that it was al-Qaeda which proclaimed the desire to see Saddam dead; and it was America that answered the al-Qaeda call.

Tell me how we can have ‘Victory”. PLEASE! Tell me how victory can be gained by staying longer and killing more of their children. Is there a victory to be gained in the death of more of our children? Is there victory in spending $5,000 a second to murder civilians? We most certainly are not murdering Bin Laden or the al-Qaeda leadership ... they aren’t even where are military are. They are safe, sound and, in the case of Bin Laden himself, receiving better medical care than Bush will allow those are fighting, are doing, or instigating, the murders he is cheerleading.
KILL A MILLION MORE - vote McCain or Clinton


"the Dude" said...

Howdy, I've no interest in politics, but saw a note from you at the Survival of the Sickest blog, and your posts below about the genetics of farmers/priests/herders.
Are you saying that the Levite gene Y and the Brahma Y gene are parallels regarding domestication and that they met at Ararat/Urartu? The biblical Ur of the Chaldees is conventionally rendered as the Babylonian Land of the Chaldeans, but I figure it meant the Mountain of the Khalde (Mt. Urartu). The modern Chaldeans of Iraq are genetically close to Georgians, and I think their ancestors of Lake Van, Lake Sevan, Colchis were traders and scribes that invented the first written language, from which Greek, Sanskrit etc. derived.
Some of these ancient Khaldes/Chaldeans moved south to Ur bringing clothing technology and herding, then some moved to Canaan intermarrying and becoming largely semitic via intermarriage, while the Levites maintained intramarriage.
Just a concept of course.

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