Friday, March 07, 2008

McCain and the Light Brigade

Date Line March 7, 2008

OK, so I am avoiding working on the book by writing blogs. OK, I admit it; but I’m really pissed at the WAR thing.

We are NOT AT WAR – a war requires that we have an identified enemy; and that they be capable of being defeated. Defeat is signified either by their annihilation (genocide), or their ability to sign a truce, armistice, or surrender.

If Al-Qaeda were to be destroyed, would that mean there would be a cessation of Islamic terrorist activities? Would that put an end to groups like Hamas? Or any of the other terrorist organizations around the world?

If Al-Qaeda were to cease activities and its membership reform under other names; or if Bin Laden would succumb to the medical problems which require him to receive dialysis, would we have won the “war”?

Since we are in Iraq, and Bin Laden is in Pakistan, can we even hope to capture him, or end his organization? And since, allegedly, the government of Pakistan is our friend, and since Bin Laden is in need of higher sophisticated medical care – requiring vast amounts of power, sterile conditions, specialized medical equipment, and the care or supervision of skilled professionals – how come we cannot find him? We cannot find a hospital in a primitive village? We cannot find a reliable power source in a region devoid of reliable power?

Exactly how incompetent are or spies, satellites, and military? It is very apparent that the evidence points to them being useless. They cannot identify and follow sophisticated medical products or personnel to a remote cave in an effectively unpopulated region? Just how stupid are these people and why are we paying them? OR, are they under orders from the Whitehouse NOT to find Bin Laden?

In any event – how can we win a war which is not a war; a war in which there is no opposing force for our military to attack? Do we hope to out wait them? Terrorism has always been the action of malcontents or ideologues – a hundred years ago they were called anarchists.

Their name has changed, but not their function or the reality of their existence. How do we win this non-war war? John McCain wants to exit with honor. Is there honor in defeat? Is there honor in the stupidity of destroying ones own nation so as not to look bad to oneself? We already look bad to anyone with even half a brain. (And if you don’t get it, if you don’t see it, you are brainless).

We are the Light Brigade, the 600 attacking canon through a valley too narrow for the opponent to miss us. The problem, our “opponent” has simply said what they want to do – figuratively kill the Light Brigade – and, in absolute obedience, the Light Brigade Generals turned the own canons upon themselves and their own troops.

Oh that someone will see the courage and write a poem.

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