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R1a1 + J2 five thousands years ago

Date Line August 2, 2007

Did you ever have one of those days? An ‘Adrian Monk’ type day; or maybe a ‘House M.D.’ type moment just before figuring it out? (OK so I do the Netflix Television DVD thing).

Anywho, did you ever have one of those times when you knew the answer or connection was there, yet couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Well. I just had one,

In searching for the roots of my yDNA haplogroup and haplotype, I was pushed into the hard reality that it was common only among the originators of scripture.

Here we are talking the Bible, Rig Veda, Bhagavad-Gita and who knows how many more texts dating back five to seven millennia.

There are two common elements:
1. R1a1 and J2 are always together
2. They are always the nobles, high priests, or leaders.

There is a third element, one which appears in all the scriptures, yet doesn’t seem to fit after Noah’s Flood and the Biblical people leave the area around Ararat. This element is a people known as the “sons of god.”

In the Noah story, we are told that, prior to, or concurrent with, the flood, the sons of god see the daughters of men and find them attractive enough to produce demigod human offspring.

We are told that every generation before the ‘sons of god’ appear men live nearly a thousand years. It is the children, the demigods, who are the reason humanity has a life expectancy of only 120, as opposed to eternal life.

We can skip the implication that all of humanity are, by implication, demigods and not descendants of the true, original, creation. What we are being told that a race of men, calling themselves the sons of god, appeared in the area of Ararat at a specific point in history.

Everywhere that the R1a1 group are believed to be native, the idea that they are the sons of a deity prevails. This is evident with in India as the Chenchu legend of being directly descendant from Lord Shiva.

In the texts, Brahman is the deity child, and later it becomes the level or state of enlightenment to be achieved. Once more, we are dealing with Northern India, or, from a different angle, the area immediately west of Ararat and the Garden of Eden.

The story of Noah reports the joining of the R1a1 ‘sons of god’ with the indigenous Ararat J2 population. If we were to assume, as genetic genealogy implies, that the R1a1 originates north of the Black Sea; and we accept the J2 as the people who gave us agriculture; the conclusion becomes that the J2 and R1a1 came together in the period when the Black Sea flooded, or when there was a general displacement related to rising sea levels.

Where ever we find a reference to the “sons of god”, or demigod “men of renown”, we should expect to find R1a1. I would even accuse them of inventing, or evolving the usage of, writing as a means of recording their exploits.

Obviously all people have held a crude religious being, or explanation, as part of their cultural identity. But the formalization of beliefs and the connection to tribal, or clan, self-identity centers on the Indus Valley and Ararat.

If the first city was six thousand years ago, as current archaeology finds show; and it developed near Ararat; and the first attack on a city also there and then; the mythological Cain was a J2.

However, R1a1's were not there. The story has them appear only after various societal developments; but, importantly, none of those include the domestication of horses or chariots. The latter two developments are introduced after the R1a1 ‘sons of god’ appear.

If we can assert that a genetic line is a race, than it follows that the two most important races were, and remain, R1a1 and J2.
(OK, so it is still coming together, but we have a time period)

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