Monday, August 20, 2007

A Nation of Racists

Date Line August 20, 2007

Dinner with a friend, and the subject of OJ Simpson.

A long time since I Moderated, conducted, authored – what would the term be? It would now be “Blogged” the much quoted and reviled “Framing of OJ Simpson” pages. Yet here it was again.

Racism in America, as defined by the most racist episode in the last century. Daniel Petrocelli convinces a racist white jury to hold an innocent man liable for what happened to his ex-wife and her lover.

Here are the basic facts:
1. The premise was that Simpson used his Bronco as transport to kill Nicole, while he was expecting a driver (Alan Park) who would take him to the airport for a meeting across the country.
2. Kato, the Simpson “houseguest” comes home about 6:00, does not see the Bronco, but finds OJ in the kitchen, and sits down for a chat.
3. A neighbor testifies that the Bronco was NOT on either street abutting the Simpson Rockingham Estate.
4. Alan Park testifies that, when he arrived, the Bronco was NOT at the location where it was found the next day; he testified that it was not on the other street when he drove through the gate into the property; it was not, definitely was not, where it was later found, when Park drove OJ to the airport.

Those are the facts. OJ was at Rockingham, the Bronco was not. It was not at Rockingham when the eye witnesses could testify that OJ was.

More facts:
5. At the time of the murders, Arnelle Simpson was at the movies with several friends.
6. Arnelle Simpson had driven herself to the movies, where she met her friends before the murders occurred.
7. Alan Park, and Kato, both testified that Arnelle’s car was parked in the driveway behind Simpson’s sedan.
8. Arnelle often used OJ’s Bronco instead of her own car.

Those are also facts. OJ and Arnelle’s car were both at Rockingham, Arnelle was with friends at the movies; the only vehicle she could have used was the missing Bronco.

Chris Darden, one of the prosecutors, wrote a book in which he stated the primary question of the trial was “Where was the Bronco?” Even the prosecutors were not willing to argue that the Bronco was at Rockingham and available to Simpson.

Only a racist could argue, and convince a jury of fellow racists, that OJ had the missing Bronco, raced to Nicoles, killed her in the street, and raced back, parking the bronco where nobody could see it, and then, while 1500 miles away, moved it to where it was found the next morning.

Is OJ Simpson innocent of the murder of Nicole Simpson? YES

Who would argue otherwise? Only idiotic racists!

Possible exceptions who are not overt racists: Bush supporters, and those who believe support the troops is the correct statement when “support” means having them die, or maimed, in a sectarian war based on Bush lies and motivated my the Bush oil cartel wish to destabilize the Middle East and cause a dramatic rise in oil costs.

Well, not a total loss. I got a free dinner at a very nice restaurant. My friend even filled my gas tank for me. And I got to remember exactly why I am so pessimistic on the future of America – a nation of idiots and racists, who sometimes (see Iraq) combine the two to kill innocent people and make millions of enemies for future generations to repell.

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