Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thought Distraction

Date Line June 23, 2007

Saturday Morning, a cold and damp June day. Sitting at the computer researching possible root nations of the HG R1a1; and trying to discern when they joined with the Hg J2 with whom they often appear.

On the radio, WERU, a children’s music show plays Christian music to lead into a broader connection of world music, and I realize how much Christians hate this world.

Obviously this is not a new revelation. History shows the disdain that Christians have for humanity; it pushes to the level of Islamic hatred of life, if not for that fact that the Islamic have the courage, or should I say “decency”, to kill themselves as they kill others.

Oh that great Dickens line, “and decrease the surplus population.” It is such a wonder to see so many so enamored with eternity that they would seek it out with such zest. Oh the foolishness.

Does one really achieve spiritual prominence through self destruction? Is it possible that there is a reward of seventy virgins? And if so, what then? Does the martyr take the virgins and so end their identity?

Seventy against eternity. Seventy nights, seventy seconds, seventy strokes and the virginity is gone. Then what? Are you any different than you were on earth? Is there any more than that which was here?

Pity the Christians. For them a life of servitude and the persistent, the constant, drone of voices giving praise to a king. How long? An eternity of hearing ones own voice praise an bright and shining star?

What eternity? Timeless droning on in place of the wonder of life. Constant repetition. Harp music. Fluffy clouds of dampness, moisture without, or above, rain. An existence built upon humidity and dust particles stuck to water droplets.

What fools are these? What do they seek? An existence based on repetition, servitude, boredom? What images, lies. What falsehoods as they argue that it is something else; something other than the image passed down through the centuries. Not lie? Than stupidity.

The beauty of eternity, that it repeats and repeats and always changes. The wonder of “General Relativity”, the wonder of spacetime turning on itself to make the finite without end; to create infinity within a finite context.

The spiritual quest? To escape spacetime and go outside that which has no outer region. That is the separation. Can it be to escape an atom to enter a realm of atoms? To leave spacetime only to enter a new spacetime reality? What can we call repetitive levels and constant discovery?

Is that the infinite?

Certainly it is far more pleasant a place than the Christian/Islamic world of servitude and persistent drones of praise for a self-centered, egotistical, possibly schizophrenic would-be king of creation.

Why would so many seek to bring harm to so many? In the name of such an entity? Is that why we impose the evils we impose? Is that why we kill the innocent based upon lies? Is that why we turn our backs on our fellows and activity create instructions designed to ensure their suffering?

Has nobody realized that we, in “Christian America” spend more money to find reasons to deny assistance than we do on giving that assistance?

What are we worried about? That those who pay for welfare might actually receive something back? How foolish. How contradictory.

These same people, those who fear others might get a pittance from all they provide, think nothing of frequenting casinos. Think about that. A casino pays out, at most, ninety-seven cents of every dollar wagered.

You pay out one hundred pennies and are allowed to get back three. How happy you are when that three is returned, and how often you return for the chance to have that three cents returned. Yet!

Yet you will pay many times that three cents to deny people the right to obtain their three cents worth of health care; their three cents worth of food stamps; their three cents worth of “benefit.” And you wonder why they refuse to play at your “welfare” casino.

How strange. How perfectly consistent with the reason this culture shall burn out. Look to Scandinavia. Look to a region whose taxes are higher than any tolerated by the fools here. Look to a society with cradle to grave welfare for all; and no denial bureaucracy. Look to a society where the standard of living exceeds that of America.

Why do people wish to come to America? Because they know where the fools are. They know they can excel above the natives – look at who really succeeds here; immigrant nurses, doctors, engineers. We cannot even find enough intelligence among our own to meet our own needs. Look around, that is the wonder of being a Christian Nation.

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