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Re-evaluate Research 1

Date Line June 24, 2007

I seem to devote a lot of effort into futile pursuits. The Shreknangst is just such a pursuit. An investigation into the origins, or roots, of the R1a1Haplogroup is a journey that seems unrewarding.

What will it establish? Shall I write a book? No! The books which are to be written shall be written by my children; and it is unlikely that any of them would seek to expound upon their heritage and my work.

Still, the work seems to call. Readers of this blog are aware that the key focus is on a general six marker yDNA DYS set carrying values 17-12-24-11-11-13. These are standard 19/388/390/391/392/393 loci points utilized in many published studies.

To deviate from the specifics of yDNA loci allows a broad range of superficial examinations which have the effect of negating the historic commonalities. Identifying those historic commonalities has its own problems; the greatest is that of the religious connotations which have been used to express the histories.

Groups are known by colors. Not racial coloration, or pigmentation, which is, in reality, a meaningless superficiality; rather it is the color of banners, badges, and garments which are the most significant.

Within the Hindu and Vedic traditions of Indian we fin associations that are common to many societies and cultures. Consider:
White is the color of purity (sattvaguna),
Dark, or Black, that of impurity (tamoguna),
Red the color of action (rajoguna), and
Yellow the color of trade (also rajoguna).

Mention of an Aryan “race” may, or may not, be an actual reference to a uniform genetic group. In India, Arya Dharma refers to “Noble Teaching”, or the teaching of the noble people. Arya, or Aryan is a term which denotes people of nobility, spirituality and learning.

As our quest is toward ancient truths as they were understood in the times when the terms originated, we can laugh at, and freely belittle, those who talk, as Hitler did, of an Aryan Race.

A point which has been made, and will be made again, is that we now know from history and cross reference to haplogroup values, in the case of Hitler, he was doomed. Hitler had declared the Aryan race to be superior.

The Aryan Race is most closely associated with the race of Vedic culture, and that race is composed of a deduced haplogroup pairing: R1a1and J2.

Indo-Aryan culture is associated with Haplogroup R1a1. Aryan is associated with those who gave use written records and formalized religion. These are the Indus Valley Vedic, called Brahman in the Rig Veda, and Levites in Hebrew texts.

Aryan is associated with those who tamed and rode horses; these are the drinkers of milk and are also associated with the Anatolian groups of the Levant, the farmers who built the first cities.

Milk is a critical marker for those of Aryan heritage; it represents the presence of a genetic modification known as lactose tolerance, the ability of adults to consume dairy products.

In Germanic terms, these are the Slavic Scythian who were being persecuted by the Teutonic German tribes. The Ashkenazi Levites are predominantly R1a1, their Levite farmer counterpart are J. It is of interest that this paring is common throughout all founders who could be said to fit, or whose traditions reflect, the Arya status as being from the “gods.”

Basically, Hitler was attempting to exterminate the Aryan people, and it was those who protected the Aryans who were victorious. It is without question that those who are Aryan will dominate; not when we use Aryan in its historic genetic clan or tribal context, but when we use it for what it denoted: a people of scholarship, who had a deep abiding love of learning, a love of knowledge, and those who unified that knowledge with a spirituality and morality.

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