Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thoughts on an Annoying Quest.

Date Line May 15, 2007

An annoying quest. In search of the reasoning behind my Haplogroup R1a1 appearing among the priestly class of antiquity, the quest diverges to a co-Haplogroup J2.

Why are these two y-DNA, J2 and R1a1, convergent populations?

J2 represents twenty-five (25%) percent of the Turkish population. It is Anatolian in origin and emerged with agriculture.

R1a1 is associated with lactose-persistence, the adult ability to digest dairy products which emerged with pastoral agriculture. Fifty-two (52%) percent of Ashkenazi Levites are R1a1; while sixty-three (63%) percent of ethnic Sorbs are also R1a1, with the added element of the Sorb-German language being considered the origin of Yiddish.

Among the Brahmin, J2 and R1a1 represent dominant Haplogroups.

The culture associated, or emerging from, Hg J2 could reasonably be considered the basis for the various mythologies which are echoed in the Old Testiment story of Genesis.

Could the connection also be reflected in the Biblical stories? Aaron J2? Moses R1a1? Two brothers, the first oldest, yet the second the leader? Two brothers of with a common, mother?

There is this persistent problem: Why are few, just three, haplogroups associated with the development of everything we associate as human cultural advancement?

Are we seeing the beginning of evolution of yet another species of humanity? We know that there are those who attack evolution; and it appears that they belong to the haplogroups which have not added to society.

Eventually, no matter how much we try, political correctness will not prevail in the search of knowledge and truth. To be political correct we must turn our back on reality; and most important, we must determine that we will not address the core issues of life, the Universe and everything (to invoke Douglas Adams).

There is a pattern, a methodology, for the study of history in a y-DNA context. And YES! History must, eventually, be viewed through the context of DNA mutation.

One recent paper notes that radiation, as it affects mtDNA, causes clear mutations. These mutations are, apparently, those which would occur naturally over time; they are sped up evolution.

Effectively, it appears based on this study (and subject to more investigation) that radiation has the effect of accelerating the mutational evolutionary clock.

If this is true, the mystic (religious) elements are interesting. Just imagine that we discovered nuclear physics so as to accelerate our evolution. Imagine that nuclear fire can destroy the bulk of humanity, and leave behind a more advanced species. Do we want to test this?

The study, the quest for wisdom, knowledge and understanding, which has been an important, and express, character of religious thought in all who emerged in connection with agriculture, is fundamental to our society.

Conversely, the destruction of knowledge and attacks on those who promote the acquisition of knowledge are typical of other haplogroups.

History and y-DNA are being blended in the quest for the elusive “Aryan Invasion” which seems never to have happened.

Those who can be identified as true “Aryan” (the three haplogroups) are, it is interesting to note, the very same people who Hitler’s Aryan Society sought to exterminate. Which is to say, the inferior race used racial supremacy, and usurped the identity of the superior race, so as to coerce an ignorant populace into regressive eugenic evolution.

Virtually everyone in the Nazi leadership were, based on their y-DNA haplogroup, non-Aryan. Virtually everyone they sent to death camps were, based on their dominant haplotype, true Aryan.

Do we see this pattern elsewhere? Of course, I have pointed out in numerous newspaper columns and blogs. The Right-wing evangelical forces utilize anti-Christian teachings as the basis for their promotion of policies allegedly based upon Biblical Christian teachings.

Comically, we might wish to assert a Satanic haplotype. It would very enlightening to require all evangelicals to provide their gender DNA; and then, to see if it is consistent with those who murdered women for witchcraft, based on blemishes on their skin.

(Historians estimate some German towns saw the murder of their full female population to “witchcraft” executions. We can also discuss the Spanish Inquisitions. Or, how in both nations, people can be dead, in their own homes, five or more years before anyone notices.)

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